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What makes D+H so different? Our people.

We are agile.

The more we connect and share knowledge with each other the more nimble we are. Our larger competitors are set in their ways. Our size and agility make us more responsive.

We get our clients. We care about them.

D+H is led and inspired by banking leaders who know and understand our clients because they’ve been in their shoes.

We share our knowledge.

We are always learning. We see the big picture. We see how the big picture is changing. When we share our knowledge and perspective with our clients we improve their lives.

We collaborate.

We don’t settle for explaining our products and services. We are driven to develop two-way learning relationships with our clients. Because none of us are as smart as all of us.

We start with people.

By being client-centric we let people know they come first. By behaving with integrity we remain true to ourselves. By always doing both we earn loyalty.

Everyone is a Leader at D+H

We believe our commitment to our clients starts with strong leadership. All employees, in every role and at every level, are expected to demonstrate leadership.  For D+H, this isn’t a single attribute, but rather the sum of a number of qualities that exemplify how we want to work at D+H.

All D+H employees are given the opportunity to nurture and cultivate their leadership capabilities by tapping into the many learning and development offerings we have available, including our Emerging Leader and People+ Development Programs. Each program is custom-built learning modules that focus on the specific behaviours and skills needed to be successful in our company.

We know our strength is our people, and we understand the value of attracting the right employees to D+H. We also understand the importance of continuing to create opportunities so our employees grow within the organization.

D+H provides access to development assignments, encourages employees to apply for new roles, and provides on-line learning and educational assistance, as well as performance coaching and feedback. Each of these services and programs helps ensure personal career growth and satisfaction, while helping us achieve our strategic priorities


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