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Doc Prep and Compliance

With a long-standing history of compliance excellence and a wealth of compliance expertise and resources, D+H can help financial institutions to remain confident despite the continued onslaught of regulations. With  D+H, financial institutions can stay ahead of any compliance change heading their way – in the community courthouse and beyond – courtesy of:

  • D+H’s network of state and federal attorneys in 55 jurisdictions.
  • D+H’s in-house compliance team that ensures solutions take account of upcoming regulations.
  • The regular sharing of expertise and guidance with clients to help to minimize the compliance burden.
  • D+H’s doc prep, compliance and analytics tools that have been designed to ease the compliance burden on financial institutions of all sizes. For more than 30 years, thousands of lenders across North America have depended on D+H’s doc prep and compliance solutions. Supported by a 50-state attorney network, D+H is constantly monitoring impending state and federal regulatory changes to ensure that clients’ documents are always compliant.

Doc Prep and Compliance Products