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Immediate/Faster Payments

The momentum behind immediate payments is growing around the world, as more schemes are introduced to mirror the “around-the-clock”, 24/7 real-time reality of today’s commercial environment. The countries that have taken the plunge and rolled out immediate payments schemes share the commitment to speed, availability, convenience and information-rich messaging. Immediate payments or real-time payments refers to credit transfer payments where a customer of one bank initiates a payment to credit an account at another bank. The credit is then posted within seconds and a confirmation is sent back to the originating bank in real-time.

D+H is a market leader providing immediate payment solutions – also known as real-time payment solutions, or faster payment solutions – to banks and financial institutions globally. The solution accommodates individual and bulk domestic payments schemes whose turn-around time, from issuance of a customer’s original instruction to the bank’s final response, must happen in real-time.

In 2013, D+H won The Banker’s ‘Innovation in Technology and Transaction Banking Award for Best Payments Technology’ to reflect the role D+H’s immediate payments solution has played as the core processing engine for Bankgirot, a European clearing house operator in Sweden. In 2014, Bankgirot also won a Celent Model Bank award for the real-time payments solution powered by D+H technology.

Learn how D+H can support your immediate payments strategy by providing simulated connectivity to U.S. real-time payment networks using our cloud-based test environment.

Immediate/Faster Payments Products