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Payment Order Management

In today’s complex global financial marketplace, payment initiation requests come in many various formats and standards, making the task of validation, transformation and downstream routing into a financial institutions payment engine an extremely resource heavy task in terms of time, cost and risk management.

D+H’s payment order management solutions include a range of services which are designed to be flexible according to each financial institutions specific needs and can work with a number of interfaces such as FX, accounting and compliance as well as ease the corporate onboarding process. The solution is also configurable and can be used stand alone in front of your existing processing platform, work in conjunction with D+H’s  payment processing hub, and be linked to an additional payment integration layer.

Regardless of the services required or the integration model adopted, D+H’s payment order management solutions are designed to be adaptable meaning organizations have the flexibility to select the specific functionality that will make the biggest impact to their business processes in terms of cost savings, operational efficiencies and risk reduction.

D+H’s payment order management solutions has two integration options:

Multi-tenant hosted: The solution is fully managed by D+H, undertaking all the processes involved in receiving and processing financial messages

On premise: D+H can support financial institutions that would prefer to host and operate the solutions in house.

Payment Order Management Products