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Payments Execution

Across the globe, the payments industry is in the midst of a revolution, and it’s just beginning. As the pace of life increases, payments are expected to occur immediately. Regulations are being implemented in every region in the world, geared toward transparency and consumer protection; the payments industry has no choice but to evolve and little time to consider a best course of action. And all of this change is taking place at a time when financial institutions are expected to reduce costs, making true payments transformation all the more difficult to achieve.

D+H’s payments execution solutions are designed to bring institutions into the 21st century and make them fully compliant in as simple and cost-effective way as possible. In fact D+H can help drive real savings in a very short time. For banks looking to organize or transform their payments operations, D+H offers solutions that will save time, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. It achieves this by bringing together different payment types, currencies and systems into a single, centralized payments hub, increasing straight-through-processing (STP) automation, and consolidating information into a single view thus reducing the need for multiple interfaces and systems.

By increasing STP and reducing the number of interfaces, systems and stages in the payment process that require manual intervention, operational risk is dramatically reduced. This gives banks one consolidated view of mission-critical payments information, allowing for easy monitoring and analysis. This is crucial as banks experience business growth due to their ability to offer customized and differentiated capabilities faster than they could before – in weeks rather than in months.

Payments Execution Products