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Take a look at what our thought leaders are saying about a variety of industry topics.

Financial Institutions, more and more, are looking for that magic needle in the haystack that combines high-tech and high-touch to effectively connect with their customers. For those that cannot dedicate the necessary resources, this white paper bridges the gap with proven methods to increase share of wallet, client loyalty and employee engagement.
Responding to the demands of its corporate customers, a leading European commercial bank embarked on a major initiative to simplify and improve management of its payments process for its corporate clients. After filling out the form the white paper will be emailed to you.
This paper examines Australia’s New Payments Platform and how financial institutions can make the most of the unique characteristics and capabilities that create specific opportunities for financial institutions.
You have a lot of options when it comes to managing your business from an IT perspective, and many approaches can be overwhelming. This white paper breaks down what cloud is, what cloud is not and why it could be the right long-term strategy for your financial institution. The traditional IT approach of buying software and hardware, installing it using an internal IT department and managing the environment manually is no longer efficient enough for the digital age. By understanding the different solutions available, your FI can experience the efficiency and security benefits the cloud has to offer, such as: Simplified IT, app and desktop management Enhanced information security Failover mechanisms to address primary system issues Predictable IT costs
This article addresses how financial institutions can get a jump on identifying risks and reducing losses with a rules-based early warning system (RBEWS).
To properly plan an IT strategy for your bank or credit union, you need to know what risks, threats and resources need consideration. Discover what you need to know so your financial institution can properly address technology, security and regulatory requirements securely and confidently in 2015.
How to ensure your corporation has reliable, integrated connectivity solution that adds value and grows with your business.
Meeting customers’ rising expectations and building deeper corporate treasury relationships by providing a more intuitive, consistent and integrated end-user experience.
Today, many banking enterprises operate in siloed, multi-vendor environments, saddled with solutions that don’t integrate well with each other. Although some institutions have automated their branches, these workflows don’t extend to the other channels. That presents a real dilemma when it comes to sales and service. By implementing a Branch Automation and Sales & Service tool, like D+H’s Encore®, it plays out much differently.
One of the biggest challenges financial institutions face today is choosing the right technology management partner. This challenge leads many institutions to make some very common mistakes when evaluating providers. Learn how to correctly evaluate your options and avoid some of the most common mistakes to ensure the best choice is made for your institution.
National regulations and political decisions on risk management are becoming the primary concern of directors in U.S. financial institution boardrooms. While the government and regulators are concerned with systemic risk, boards of directors are expected to understand the institutional risks much more deeply than in the past to manage the changing regulatory and market landscape.
Lenders today require significantly more complex and agile origination processes given the economic climate, regulatory demands, internal costs and profitability pressures. So how do you justify the investment of a commercial lending origination and monitoring solution that will improve workflow, bring more consistent and accurate data and drive lending staff to pursue more profitable commercial credit business that the executive management team will approve? Find out how to build your business case in this informative white paper.
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