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Compliance concerns might not be top of mind when lenders update their commercial loan origination process – but undervaluing them is risky. Like a well-tailored suit, the right details matter, and embracing more formal processes may help lenders not only satisfy regulatory requirements, but also present a more professional, trustworthy image to borrowers. If you’re a commercial or small business lender who’s considering revamping your loan application and origination process, this white paper is a useful guide to the ways in which compliance rules can and should be integrated into your plans. Complete the form below for your copy today. Interested in learning more about the latest in small business and commercial lending strategies? Click here to view our recent online strategy session that provides banks and credit unions with solid methods for growing their business and commercial lending channels.  
Leveraging business intelligence within your financial institution has become more and more important with the accelerated rate that our landscape is changing. Earnings pressures, searching for new income opportunities and regulatory change are top of mind today. Because traditional barriers are now broken, competition from non-traditional industry disruptors are capturing niche markets that are more in tune with new financial technology solutions.
Learn How U.S. Banks Can Realize the Full Opportunities of Immediate Payments for their Customers
As megabanks and non-traditional lenders continue to up the stakes in the competition for mortgage borrowers, a web-based application and automated loan processing system is becoming “required equipment” for credit unions and community banks. But where do you start – and what route should you follow to keep your mortgage channel in the race? This e-book is a travel guide for the road ahead. Let us guide you to your destination – and alert you to what may lie along the way.  
Are you prepared for a growth spurt in your commercial channel – and the challenges it brings? This e-book features commercial lenders who’ve invested in systems and solutions that deliver end-to-end efficiency and take the “heavy lifting” of compliance regulations off their desks. These practical tips can show you how you can use technology to implement opportunity.  
In the fall of 2015, D+H commissioned a study examining Canadian consumer attitudes and behaviours toward mortgage transaction experiences. This research involved 400 participants between the ages of 25 and 65, who had dealt with a bank, credit union or a mortgage broker to complete a mortgage transaction in the prior 18 months, financing a house or condo. This flipbook highlights some of the key results of this large study.
D+H outlines key considerations blockchain technology must achieve to fully capitalize on its potential to revolutionize payments.
You’ve written your strategic business plan outlining your objectives and target market. You’ve determined which products to offer. You are comfortable with the plan—on paper. Now the real work begins. This eBook will take you through the steps to implement your business services program. It will cover these important points: What should the policies and procedures say? How will you price the products you plan to offer? How will all this work with your core system? Who will lead the efforts, and do they have the skills to cover everything needed to get the program in place and running? How will you train the rest of the credit union staff?
Offering business services is a great way to help your credit union expand its membership, increase loan activity and generate fee income. The eBook with cover important issues to consider when planning your business services program. From the business plan to the budget, there are many key considerations. Which products should you offer? How long will it take to get the program up and running? How do you need to handle the operations?  
D+H knows the financial industry like few other technology companies, and we can help you adopt a more regimented approach to business lending policies and procedures to achieve compliance. This article summarizes the intersection between commercial lending compliance, and present and future CFPB-controlled regulations.  
Your business services program is going well—you are successfully serving small businesses in your community. Now how do you attract larger, more sophisticated business members? These will be the most profitable relationships in the credit union, but they are also the toughest to attain. This digital guide is designed to give you expert tips and advice on the keys to advancing your business services program. It will also answer questions commonly asked by credit unions looking to take their program to the next level. Read on for the answers to these key questions and more in this thought-provoking eBook: What products are needed to serve larger, more sophisticated business members? What skills do credit union staff need to effectively target this market segment? How to fuse business lending and deposit programs to offer a full service package? How to quantify the opportunity and set reasonable staff goals?
This eBook provides you with expert tips and advice to expand your business services program. From increasing product penetration per business to expanding the product package and focusing on branch integration, you’ll learn a variety of solutions for enhancing your current business relationships and attracting more sophisticated business members. It will provide the answers to these key questions and more: How do I grow my program beyond serving micro businesses? Which products and services should be next? Is it time for a new system? How do I get the branches more involved? What are target cross-sell goals for products per member? How do I ensure quality control?
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