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The world of financial technology looks different every single day, but as your partner, we believe it’s our responsibility to think one step ahead and provide you with the relevant information you need to help your business grow and succeed.

Because partners should do more than provide products. Partners should inspire you to find a better way for your customers by delivering the insights into the issues that will affect your future.

And at D+H, that’s exactly what we do. Because we believe that knowledge is power, but only when it’s shared.


Client Highlights

Client Highlights

Many financial institutions are using our solutions to help them succeed. Find out what our clients are saying and gain ideas on how you can take your productivity to the next level.

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How do you decide on a technology provider with a unified, tightly integrated solution? Start with a partner who takes the time to listen and develop a true relationship over time – one that understands and collaborates with your strategic direction and vision. D+H has been that trusted source for thousands of financial institutions for decades, helping move the world forward with financial technology solutions – one client at a time.
May 3, 2016
When looking for a mortgage origination solution, Municipal CU wanted something that benefitted its members not just on the front-end, but on the back-end as well. D+H’s Servicing Director®, MortgagebotPOS™ and MortgagebotLOS™ solutions allow the credit union to do just that. With safety being its top priority, the ability to host Servicing Director in-house is just one of the reasons that D+H is able to meet Municipal CU’s needs, so it can continue meeting its members’ needs.
March 31, 2016
With the help of D+H technology, Municipal CU has made a name for itself as a credit union that provides convenient options members look for. It now services 30 percent more membership thanks to mortgage servicing options provided by Servicing Director®, MortgagebotLOS™ and MortgagebotPOS™ - solutions that exceed members’ expectations, providing the ability to perform transactions online without ever entering a branch.
March 31, 2016



D+H boasts some of the top thought leaders in the industry on a variety of topics. Take a look at what we are saying.

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Many credit unions today began 50, 60 or even 70 plus years ago. They all started with ONE single sponsor, or select employee group (SEG), that shared a common bond we’ve heard our board of directors and long-term employees describe in tales from years ago.
April 18, 2016
Automation has been used across banking systems to streamline data input, reduce duplication and make calculations more reliable.
March 28, 2016
The consumer lending business has been hit particularly hard by recent market changes. In response, financial institutions are facing this challenge by refocusing their attention toward developing data-based key strategies that improve performance and overall profitability while minimizing additional risk.
March 7, 2016

Product Brochures

Product Brochures

Download PDFs of our product brochures, sales sheets and other items. These PDFs contain all the detail you will need to determine which solution is right for you.

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Solution Tours

Solution Tours

Take a look at our Solution Tour videos to get a better idea of what a solution can do for you.

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D+H's global cash management solutions offer large, mid-tier and small financial institutions a complete set of cash management services through the Internet and other delivery channels.
Convenient and flexible bill payment options allow you to quickly attract, retain and better serve your consumers. Cavion® Bill Pay is secure, cost-effective and one of the most complete bill management services in the market. Without leaving your website, consumers will receive, view, manage and pay all of their bills, paper or electronic.
Is your financial institution offering the necessary tools and resources to attract business customers? Cavion® Business Banking is a real-time, comprehensive solution that provides the features and online functionality your business customers desire, while delivering the level of flexibility and security your financial institution demands. To learn more about our comprehensive, secure business banking solution, view this solution tour.

Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau

D+H has many experts who are available to speak at your event. View the speaker options we offer and request a speaker here.

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Today’s omni-channel consumers, by definition, utilize multiple channels in their engagement and transaction usage of their financial accounts. For financial institutions, channels end up being additive and not replacement. To meet these needs, personal channels must incorporate digital functionality…and…digital channels must incorporate personal engagement.  Additionally, we’ll spend some time looking at the latest trends in mobile payments – the evolution of mobile wallets.
When used effectively, segmentation is helping financial institutions allocate resources throughout all levels of the organization to create a value proposition to uniquely serve targeted consumer groups and enhance their financial impact. In this session, we'll discuss ways to harness business intelligence tools and data analysis to identify consumers most likely to purchase and become your most profitable customers/members.
If nearly every financial institution now offers basic mobile banking services that are quickly becoming only “table stakes” to minimize the risk of losing customers, how does one stand out from the crowd? Join us as we explore ways to compete for the personal and social connection that engages with consumers' non-banking transaction mobile lifestyle.

Analyst Viewpoints

Analyst Viewpoints

D+H engages industry analysts for their recommendations on our software, messaging and other market and competitive information. These industry analyst firms offer research and insights, through their reports, events and consulting projects, to financial institutions evaluating technology purchases.

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Aite Group provides an analysis of key trends, market evolution and vendor profiles of commercial loan origination systems.
February 2, 2016
CEB TowerGroup provides a market analysis, future investment and vendor landscape rankings of loan servicing systems, including D+H’s successful Servicing Director®.
November 17, 2015
A complimentary Aite Group report on how banks and credit unions' juggle credit risk in a highly competitive, low-demand market when the end game is profitable portfolio growth.
September 29, 2014

White Papers & eBooks

White Papers & e-Books

Take a look at what our thought leaders are saying about a variety of industry topics.

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Compliance concerns might not be top of mind when lenders update their commercial loan origination process – but undervaluing them is risky. Like a well-tailored suit, the right details matter, and embracing more formal processes may help lenders not only satisfy regulatory requirements, but also present a more professional, trustworthy image to borrowers. If you’re a commercial or small business lender who’s considering revamping your loan application and origination process, this white paper is a useful guide to the ways in which compliance rules can and should be integrated into your plans. Complete the form below for your copy today. Interested in learning more about the latest in small business and commercial lending strategies? Click here to view our recent online strategy session that provides banks and credit unions with solid methods for growing their business and commercial lending channels.  
Leveraging business intelligence within your financial institution has become more and more important with the accelerated rate that our landscape is changing. Earnings pressures, searching for new income opportunities and regulatory change are top of mind today. Because traditional barriers are now broken, competition from non-traditional industry disruptors are capturing niche markets that are more in tune with new financial technology solutions.
Learn How U.S. Banks Can Realize the Full Opportunities of Immediate Payments for their Customers


Archived Webcasts

View our recorded webcasts on a variety of industry topics.

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Although the impending release of final standards for CECL is top of mind for financial institutions, other issues – risk, competition, the battle for efficiency – are leaving executives asking, "How do we prepare, position and adapt our commercial lending business for growth?" Compliance concerns are just part of the changing world of commercial lending. Read “Formal Attire: Dressing Up Small Business Loan Origination” for advice on dressing up your lending process. Click here to download the white paper. From a webinar recorded May 18, 2016, “Life Beyond CECL: Winning Strategies to Grow Your Commercial Lending Business” features industry thought leaders and experts with current updates on CECL, and includes a compelling discussion of issues and strategies that lenders need to consider as they drive their business forward now. Topics covered include: Strategies to grow your commercial lending business now   Talent development considerations for every budget   Steps for addressing impending generational turnover and talent shortage   How to streamline commercial lending workflows efficiently   Regulatory and compliance concerns in commercial lending This webcast is informative viewing for any lender interested in keeping current on CECL, especially banks and credit unions seeking solid strategies to grow their business and commercial lending channels. Presenters: Jim Jones, President and CEO, First Wellesley Consulting Group D. Neil Berdiev, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, DNB Advisors Chris Dye, Senior Compliance Counsel, D+H Jay Jennings, Director of Compliance Counsel, D+H  
Understanding the importance of the ALLL – and how upcoming changes to the methodology for calculating it may impact your financial institution’s lending strategy – makes this webinar a “don’t miss” for today’s commercial lenders. Led by a strong panel of industry thought leaders and lending experts, this compelling discussion of the proposed Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) accounting standard and related topics includes these hot-button issues: Considerations for implementing FASB’s CECL model  Comparison of the incurred loss model to CECL  Tips for getting your leadership team and board ready for the transition  Transitioning to CECL: A Proposed Timeline and Implementation Schedule  How to store, collect and track historical data about loan portfolios  CECL survey results and how other institutions are preparing  This free webinar is for anyone involved in CECL transition planning at a bank or credit union. We will address many of the questions your board of directors may be asking about. Get the insights you need to plan your preparations for CECL. Presenters: Jim Jones, President and CEO, First Wellesley Consulting Group, Inc. Bernard O’Sullivan, Managing Director, Rockboro Analytics Tammy Campbell, Senior Compliance Counsel, D+H Kevin Washington, Product Manager, D+H
This video shows the Consumberbot™ application process and the seamless integration with LaserPro for final loan processing.



Our e-magazines inform you on key topics, industry issues and some of the exciting projects being undertaken by your peers.

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Welcome to D+H’s e-magazine, Payments and Treasury Solutions News. In this edition, read “Five Things Blockchain Must Get Right,” an article that highlights key things banks should consider to unlock the full transformative potential of blockchain. You'll also hear Veejay Jadhaw, CTO, D+H, provide insight into the recent explosion in digital innovation, and how this change will affect major banks and corporations across the globe. 

Welcome to the first edition of our newly rebranded e-magazine, now called Payments and Treasury Solutions News. In this edition learn about the launch of our new brand identity following the acquisition of Fundtech; read “What Corporates Want From Their Banks,” an article outlining the challenges that corporates face and how banks and technology partners can help; and hear Gene Neyer, Head of Product Management, discuss Immediate Payments 2.0 and the next wave of payment innovations.

Welcome to Fundtech News! In this edition we learn how the D+H acquisition strengthens Fundtech’s customer focus, delivery, and solution set; discuss opportunities for financial institutions to deepen their corporate customer relationships; and hear from Moti Porath, Executive Vice President, Fundtech, on how to meet customers’ evolving transaction banking needs.

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