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Expert, a web-based solution designed to simplify the mortgage application process, brings together a network of more than 70 Canadian lenders and over 14,000 mortgage sales professionals for more efficient deal throughput. 

Mortgage application collaboration, made easy

The landscape for mortgage sales in Canada is complicated – with millions of borrowers, thousands of brokers and hundreds of lenders involved. Tools that efficiently connect stakeholders and more effectively facilitate the mortgage application process are critical.

Process mortgages faster with our streamlined application process

Expert is a reliable and secure end-to-end solution for the creation, submission and management of mortgage applications. Offering secured connectivity between more lenders and more professional mortgage brokers than any other available solution, Expert simplifies the application process and powers a more streamlined approach to mortgage origination.

Mortgage origination: Anytime, anywhere with D+H

Expert’s web-based design, complete with mobile optimization, lets you engage with customers anytime, anywhere for a better customer experience.  Configurable to your business rules, Expert ensures applications are complete before being forwarded to lenders for approval, saving time and money. Expert’s robust toolkit includes comprehensive analytics, for more strategic management of your sales pipeline. And, because Expert is powered by D+H, it is continually updated to remain on top of market changes and evolving needs.


This feature-rich solution provides:

  • Real time connectivity between mortgage sales professionals, lenders, and other industry partners including CRMs, Credit Bureaus, Creditor Insurance providers, and Exchange document management
  • An easy to use, intuitive interface with robust help capabilities
  • Configurability at both the firm and user level. Our solution adapts to your environment and allows for more effective differentiation in the market
  • A complete solution for the creation and vetting of mortgage applications, including integrated industry standard management tools (such as debt service, loan to value and net worth calculators, mortgage calculators, and amortization schedules) and a robust business rules engine to assure the quality and completeness of data before submission
  • Exceptional reporting and analytics through comprehensive standard and customizable reporting capabilities


Expert benefits mortgage professionals and lenders by:

  • Connecting the largest network of mortgage brokers and lenders in Canada – brokers have access to over 70 lenders while lenders have access to over 14,000 mortgage professionals across the country
  • Standardizing the process for deal submission across lenders and brokers, ensuring a consistent cross-industry approach to broker/lender mortgage origination for more efficient processing
  • Ensuring quicker turnaround on decisions through robust business rules that confirm the completeness and accuracy of applications prior to submission
  • Enhancing operational effectiveness with an intuitive user interface and automated workflows that minimize the effort required by staff to complete and submit a mortgage application
  • Improving collaboration on deals through such features as real time deal and condition status updates, and integration with Exchange for seamless document sharing
  • Offering a flexible, web based and mobile optimized solution that easily adapts to your business environment and customer service needs
  • Providing continued access to our ongoing innovation and investment in mortgage technology solutions that anticipate and respond to evolving market realities
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