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To your customers, you’re more than just a financial institution; you’re a part of their daily lives. Every time your customer makes a payment, you’re right there connecting them to their money. And as managers of one of their most valued assets, your customers expect you to connect them to their money quickly, efficiently and in more ways than ever before.

At D+H, we’re experts in the payments landscape because payments were how we started. For more than 130 years, we’ve been partnering with financial institutions and sharing our insights to provide the right payment solutions for their people. From cheque printing to ATM management technology and secure debit and credit card processing, we help solve the day-to-day challenges by providing innovative solutions that grow your business and your customer relationships.

But the payments industry is rapidly changing with new technologies, payment avenues and retailers. And with each new change, your customers’ needs also change which is why we believe our job is to do more than just provide you with the solutions that help your business today. As your partners, we’ll help you stay ahead of your customers’ needs by working with you to create the next relevant payment solution that keeps your business moving forward.

Payment Solutions


When it comes to convenience, both customers and financial institutions win with electronic payments.
Our Item Processing solutions provide financial institutions with flexible item processing and deposit automation solutions.
The Card Payments suite of solutions makes it easy to meet consumers’ payment processing needs.
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