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With our extensive portfolio of enterprise and specialized software solutions, you can be assured you are maximizing your technology investment, while utilizing flexible software and service options that will support your changing needs now and into the future. We offer the following software solutions:

We deliver enterprise solutions by bringing together our comprehensive, market-leading software and services to address your biggest challenges. Our enterprise solutions combine our portfolio of applications for core processing, lending & compliance, risk management, payments, self service and more, to automate nearly every major business process of your institution.

Whether your institution is a bank, thrift or credit union, whether you’re a de novo or have assets in the billions, D+H has a complete range of core systems to meet your needs. Each solution takes advantage of being seamlessly integrated with our other specialized products. Whether you want your system in-house or in a service bureau, dedicated hosting or managed services, we have a core solution to accommodate your unique needs.

D+H offers a range of origination and compliant document solutions for both lending and account opening. With interfaces to dozens of core system providers, third-party vendors and open integration with D+H software, our products can be tailored to complement and enhance your daily workflow. Our compliant loan documentation system generates consumer, commercial and residential real estate loans, all backed by our rich compliance knowledge and a nationwide attorney network.

From first payment through payoff, our loan servicing solution keeps you close to your customers and helps you confidently support borrower and investor needs. Plus, an integrated default management module helps servicers better manage defaulted loans and get them back on track – deepening relationships with both borrowers and investors.

Cloud computing has become very popular due to the many benefits an organization can receive such as cost savings and cost avoidance, flexibility, scalability, uniformity, simplicity, security, mobility, resiliency, and compliance. However, due to regulatory requirements, most cloud solutions are not an option for banks and credit unions. By building a financial centric community cloud infrastructure from scratch, we have successfully combined the elasticity and economies of cloud computing with the built-in security, compliance and business continuity required by financial institutions.

Operational and credit risk controls are key to the profitability of financial institutions. Our commercial credit risk management solution and consumer credit application system promote operational efficiency and regulatory compliance by enforcing approved processes within a streamlined workflow. We offer credit underwriting and origination workflow for consumer loans, as well as the tools to mitigate commercial credit risk through consistent application of credit policies, sound financial analysis and overall portfolio management. Additionally, robust auditing tools and reports document risk management efforts.

Our selection of self service solutions is designed to give account holders financial freedom and around-the-clock convenience. Our electronic banking suite includes Internet banking, mobile banking, business banking, voice banking, web hosting and security services that provide consumers instant access to your financial institution and their account information, while protecting their data within the most secure architectures available.

Supporting a wide variety of core systems, our branch automation solutions include powerful systems to address your customers’ needs at the teller line, platform, account servicing area and call center. Easily integrated with your existing IT infrastructure, our branch automation solutions will enhance the power of your branch.

While all institutions will eventually move to the cloud, because of timing and investments, some financial institutions may not be ready to move today. For those institutions that require technology ownership, we can offer a full suite of solutions that provide the management, monitoring, compliance and reporting required of you without having you invest the time, resources and headache of managing your own technology. And when the day comes that you are ready to consider a cloud migration, you will be partnered with the right company!

Our mortgage lending system provides a complete solution for your entire mortgage process, from origination to delivery. Its Web-based loan production platform provides critical business process management, integration and connectivity across the mortgage supply chain, enabling lenders to integrate service providers into their business processes and improve operational control.

D+H pioneered the development of the MCIF System. Our business intelligence products were designed to increase your institution’s profitability in a multitude of ways, including segmenting your clients into profitability categories, refining product profitability, increasing market share, maximizing the return on investment of your promotions, reducing expenses, and improving customer retention with targeted services that address consumers' needs. Our solutions manage all sales and referral activities, as well as problem resolution and service requests.

D+H provides financial institutions with high-performance, image-enabled item processing options. We offer solutions that allow you to manage your item processing operations in-house or in a service bureau environment. Additionally, we offer flexible and cost-effective electronic payment solutions. Specializing in Internet bill pay, ATM, debit and terminal services, we deliver transaction processing options that meet your institution's requirements and your customers' needs.

Our enterprise content management solution is used to capture information across and beyond your institution. The information you store can be as diverse as check images and general ledger reports. We control it in a highly scalable, secure database and our taxonomy engines automatically cross-reference it. We connect it to your users, customers and check exchange partners providing universal and simplified access to all content.

Our financial accounting suite is comprised of modules for general ledger accounting, investments portfolio analysis, fixed assets, accrued items, accounts payable, safe deposit box and board reports. It delivers timely financial data through customizable technology that is simple and offers superior service. Flexible and easy-to-use, our financial accounting solutions have become the top choice for CFOs who demand accurate, timely and easily accessible financial information.

Our Professional Services bring together experts with financial industry experience, innovative thinking and state-of-the-art technology to accelerate the design, development and deployment of our solutions to meet your organizational objectives. Whether your goal is to enhance business operations, evaluate ways to mitigate risk, uncover opportunities to improve profitability, or support personal and organizational learning goals, our team of professionals are ready to assist. Our goal is to maximize your technology investment, strengthen your competitive advantage and contribute to your long-term success.