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Business Intelligence



D+H pioneered the development of the MCIF System. Our business intelligence products were designed to increase your institution’s profitability in a multitude of ways, including segmenting your clients into profitability categories, refining product profitability, increasing market share, maximizing the return on investment of your promotions, reducing expenses, and improving customer retention with targeted services that address consumers' needs. Our solutions manage all sales and referral activities, as well as problem resolution and service requests.

Touché® is a suite of solutions designed to help you unlock business intelligence from the back end and distribute it in an actionable format throughout the enterprise where it can be used for developing strategy, decision-making, and ultimately, by service staff to provide better service and needs-based cross-selling. The Touché suite encompasses business intelligence, prospect list management, multi-channel, serialized contact management and an array of professional and consulting services that help you leverage your marketing dollars.

AccessPort™ takes the traditional dashboard concept, which gives financial institution executives a single view of daily reports and activities, and extends it to every department throughout your institution.The result is an institution-wide tool for information sharing, work organization and communications.