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Touché® is a suite of solutions designed to help you unlock business intelligence from the back end and distribute it in an actionable format throughout the enterprise where it can be used for developing strategy, decision-making, and ultimately, by service staff to provide better service and needs-based cross-selling. The Touché suite encompasses business intelligence, prospect list management, multi-channel, serialized contact management and an array of professional and consulting services that help you leverage your marketing dollars.

Touché® Analyzer gives you unprecedented insight into consumers’ needs and behaviors. The result of over 25 years of MCIF expertise in financial services, Touché Analyzer will have your entire organization reading off the same page, enabling you to provide better service, generate sales, guide your strategic plan, price your products competitively and be able to back it all up with an increase in profitability and enhanced consumer loyalty.

Before you can think about improving sales or providing excellent service at the front line, you must understand consumers’ needs and expectations. This idea is at the center of Touché® CRM. Touché CRM is unique among CRM solutions for the financial services industry because it seamlessly incorporates business intelligence from Touché® Analyzer, the industry’s leading business intelligence solution, and provides it in an easy-to-use format at the front line where it’s needed most.