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Touche CRM



Before you can think about improving sales or providing excellent service at the front line, you must understand consumers’ needs and expectations. This idea is at the center of Touché® CRM. Touché CRM is unique among CRM solutions for the financial services industry because it seamlessly incorporates business intelligence from Touché® Analyzer, the industry’s leading business intelligence solution, and provides it in an easy-to-use format at the front line where it’s needed most.

Touché CRM provides your financial institution with:

  • The ability to push marketing offers to the front line for sales follow-up 
  • Leads and referrals management 
  • An information repository for rates, fees, product features, etc. 
  • The option to perform “what-if” analyses at the front line 
  • Management reporting for results tracking and measurement 
  • Service request management, fillable PDF forms for improved efficiency

In today’s hyper-competitive financial services arena, it is more important than ever to serve consumers better than anyone else in the industry. Due to the number of options consumers have for accessing financial services, their expectations are increasingly high. It is essential to do more than simply provide the same products and services at a reduced cost in order to remain viable.

Touché CRM provides the edge that gives you the advantage over your competitors. With thousands and thousands of consumers banking with you, it is virtually impossible to get to know them through interactions alone. Touché CRM enables you to know each and every one of your clients better than anyone else.

Touché CRM enables your financial institution to:

  • Understand consumers’ needs and expectations
  • Manage customers based on household value
  • Simplify referrals and sales