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Cloud computing has become very popular due to the many benefits an organization can receive such as cost savings and cost avoidance, flexibility, scalability, uniformity, simplicity, security, mobility, resiliency, and compliance. However, due to regulatory requirements, most cloud solutions are not an option for banks and credit unions. By building a financial centric community cloud infrastructure from scratch, we have successfully combined the elasticity and economies of cloud computing with the built-in security, compliance and business continuity required by financial institutions. This allows our clients to take advantage of tremendous flexibility and predictable IT costs while remaining compliant with current and future IT regulatory requirements.

The Compushare C3 solution is the first and only true cloud computing environment built exclusively for community financial institutions. It solves the problems of a traditional IT environment by centralizing resources in a community cloud that affords a high degree of business flexibility, security, cost predictability and resiliency. With Compushare C3, Information Technology is changed into a utility, rather than an asset, where institutions only pay for the resources they need. Without any investment in technology environments, you get to use state of the art technology cost effectively due to economies of scale leveraged by many financial institutions with similar applications and requirements.

Compushare Total Message Management provides financial institutions with an enterprise-class, hosted email solution that delivers a holistic approach to your communications, collaboration and compliance needs. In addition to a highly available and resilient message platform, at the forefront of our approach is a team of email, networking, and security professionals possessing impressive credentials, substantial research capabilities and long-standing records of success in offering highly available cost-effective and secure email communication.