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Core Solutions



Whether your institution is a bank, thrift or credit union, whether you’re a de novo or have assets in the billions, D+H has a complete range of core systems to meet your needs. Each solution takes advantage of being seamlessly integrated with our other specialized products. Whether you want your system in-house or in a service bureau, dedicated hosting or managed services, we have a core solution to accommodate your unique needs.

PhoenixEFE® Core is a real-time transaction processing and account servicing solution for banks and credit unions. PhoenixEFE Core includes universal loan and deposit servicing, enterprise relationship management, and a fully-featured general ledger. PhoenixEFE Core is available as an outsourced or in-house solution.

UltraData® Enterprise Core is designed to deliver comprehensive functionality blended with strategic business guidance to ensure credit unions can serve their members in the most efficient and effective way possible. UltraData Enterprise is available as an outsourced or in-house solution for credit unions.

Sparak® System Core offers a flexible, open design that provides you with superior performance to meet all your core banking needs. It allows you the flexibility to integrate all the technologies necessary to run your bank. With Sparak System Core, you get a truly open solution that works with virtually all of today’s most advanced platforms.

Intrieve®Advantage Core is an outsourced, fully integrated core solution for thrifts and savings banks. Developed and customized specifically for this financial sector, IntrieveAdvantage Core is an online, real-time system that maximizes your profitability, enhances customer service, and boosts productivity. Built on .NET architecture, IntrieveAdvantage Core utilizes a relational database so you and your staff can view a complete profile of a customer.