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Enterprise Content Management



Our enterprise content management solution is used to capture information across and beyond your institution. The information you store can be as diverse as check images and general ledger reports. We control it in a highly scalable, secure database and our taxonomy engines automatically cross-reference it. We connect it to your users, customers and check exchange partners providing universal and simplified access to all content.

ActiveView® Content Management is a browser-based software application that offers fast, easy and consistent access to client and company information. Utilizing the latest technology, this state-of-the-art solution provides financial institutions with a centralized, enterprise-wide content management system, helping to ensure important financial information is not only preserved, but secure. Organizations use ActiveView Content Management to streamline their processes and share information stored in the database with their employees, business partners and customers. From the backroom to the boardroom, ActiveView Content Management has redefined document management – expanding access and accountability.