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UltraData Enterprise



View Solution TourWith UltraData® Enterprise, you get a suite of integrated, complementary applications, open architecture and connectivity providing a platform that ensures your credit union has a competitive advantage in your marketplace. Our real-time relationship management enables your credit union to serve its membership at the point of contact and quickly present new financial products and services that answer immediate member needs. The integrated applications of UltraData Enterprise core include:

UltraData® Enterprise Core offers a suite of integrated, complementary applications, open architecture and connectivity providing a platform that ensures your credit union has a competitive advantage. As the only core solution to be SCP-certified by the Service Strategies Corporation, our knowledge-centered client support and service practices ensure you the highest level of service in the industry.

UltraData® Enterprise Lending Solutions enable your credit union to operate in the growing commercial marketplace and service this new segment of members. Whether your members operate a small business out of their home, run a fast-paced retail store, or own a growing business enterprise, you can provide all the products, services and expertise they need to start or grow their business.

UltraData® Enterprise Self Service offers a comprehensive suite of innovative Internet solutions, helping you become a stronger competitor in the financial marketplace and giving you the ability to better serve the needs of your members. UltraData Enterprise Self Service solutions allow members to choose when, where and how they bank…at their convenience…all in real time.

UltraData® Enterprise Back Office and Accounting solutions help ensure accurate posting to and updating of the general ledger. Within these solutions, you can post monthly provisions for loan loss, replenish undivided earnings, net income to undivided earnings and regular reserves. Posting of batch recurring entries can take place automatically, and dividend and interest accrual processes can be accomplished using standard batch processes that automatically update the general ledger.

Your members rely on access to their financial services around-the-clock. D+H wants to ensure you are prepared in the event a disaster strikes by providing a range of options to ensure business continuity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. UltraData® Enterprise Business Continuity offers solutions for high availability, online data storage and disaster recovery, as well as outsourced IT and operational services.

UltraData® Enterprise Card Processing solutions provide competitive card services tailored to each member relationship. These solutions include complete electronic funds functionality for ATMs, Point-of-Sale (POS) or Credit/Debit Card processing, enabling flexible fee schedules tailored to your credit union's criteria.

With UltraData® Enterprise Collections, collectors can define up to 15 stages of delinquency to tailor a progressive series of collection methods. Research shows that better targeting leads to increased recovery. With UltraData Enterprise Collections, members can be contacted and counseled before problems worsen. This saves time and reduces charge-offs, minimizing losses related to delinquent loans.

UltraData® Enterprise Content Management helps save you time and reduces hard copy storage costs by supporting a paperless environment. By enabling you to electronically handle a range of file formats for storing and accessing reports, scanned documents, statements, forms, drivers licenses, vouchers, signature cards and more, you can provide added convenience to your members while reducing internal costs.

UltraData® Enterprise CRM provides a single control point for all member contacts and sales campaigns, enabling a credit union to focus efforts on both service and sales. This enterprise-wide approach includes powerful contact management, sales and incentive tracking, referral management, problem resolution, campaign and schedule management, and provides a complete view of each member.

UltraData® Enterprise Member Services applications provide complete teller, account set-up and call center tools in a simple and flexible solution. This one-stop-shop for all routine banking transactions and inquiries enables tellers and member service representatives to take care of every member’s needs.