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UltraData Enterprise Core



We work with world-class technology, software and service partners to deliver end-to-end solutions to our clients. We have made a strong commitment to partnering to ensure this extended UltraData® Enterprise team is ready, able and committed to making our clients successful. If you have credit union industry knowledge and expertise, and can provide critical technologies and services, please contact

Business Continuity Solutions

Electronic Document Management

The OnBase electronic document management system from Hyland Software, Inc. helps save you time by reducing hard copy storage costs and supports a paper-less environment. The OnBase system is tightly integrated with UltraData Enterprise.

  • Hyland Software, Inc.
    The OnBase electronic document management system from Hyland Software, Inc. helps save you time by reducing hard copy storage costs and supports a paper-less environment. The OnBase system is tightly integrated with UltraData Enterprise.
  • EVault
    EVault®, a Seagate Company, provides innovative solutions for the protection, retention management, and discovery of electronic information. Combined with flexible deployment options, our solutions are trusted by more than 22,000 small to enterprise customers.
  • Ex-Cel Solutions, Inc.
    Ex-Cel Solutions, Inc. is a premier technology business partner providing our clients with a wide range of mission critical solutions and services.

Business Lending

Value-added Partners

Our Value-added Partner network takes the UltraData System and technologies, adds their own expertise and technology, and makes it available to credit unions.

  • Area Financial Services, Inc.
    Area Financial Services is located in Fremont, Ohio and primarily provides data processing to credit unions throughout Ohio who utilize UltraData Enterprise.
  • CUsource, Inc.
    CUsource, Inc. is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) primarily providing data processing to credit unions throughout Montana. Utilizing UltraData Enterprise, CUsource is able to provide cutting-edge technology and maintain a competitive edge in this marketplace.
  • Technology Navigator
    Technology Navigator provides business intelligence reports, consulting and networking solutions that connect client applications data and systems.
  • Tri-Cue
    Tri-CUE, Inc. is a credit union founded service organization that provides UltraData Enterprise to partner and member credit unions throughout the Rocky Mountain States area. Tri-CUE, Inc. was founded in 2000 by three credit unions, Norlarco CU in Fort Collins, CO, Colorado Central CU in Arvada, CO, and US Consolidated FCU in Denver, CO.

ATM/Debit and Credit Card Processors

D+H supports interfaces to several vendors allowing credit unions to offer ATM/Debit and credit cards to their members through a third-party processor. In addition, average daily balance software packages allow the financial institution to have full control over credit card functions including interest rate, fee amounts, minimum payment amounts and more. Transaction approval is processed by the third-party processor. Contact for information

Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer is the easy way to meet your members’ electronic banking needs. Providing members with 24 x 7 x 365 access to their account information and funds is essential in today’s competitive financial market. Delivering secure signature, ATM, and PIN based debit processing ensures your members’ ease to account access.

Intercept Processing

Shared Branch

Member Services

Member Services / Asset Liability Management (ALM)

D+H supports interfaces to several PC-based Asset/Liability Management systems, including some with particular expertise in supporting the needs of financial institutions. The ALM interface makes the UltraData Enterprise financial data available for online modeling, budgeting and forecasting.

Cash Machine

D+H supports interfaces with cash machines designed to allow operators to dispense cash along with their teller drawers.

IRA Services

Check Ordering

Harland Clarke offers an industry-leading suite of:

  • Personal checks and accessories
  • Business checks and accessories
  • Delivery and anti-fraud programs
  • Card services
  • Forms for financial institutions
  • Cash management products
  • Internet and Contact Center services


Investment Portfolio Personal Finance

Laser Checks

Statement Printing/e-Statements 

Mortgage Lending

Electronic Banking

Members like choices. Internet Banking put a virtual “branch office” at every member’s fingertips, 24/7. These tools empower your members and reduce costs for you. UltraData Enterprise offers its integrated Ultra-Access Internet Banking application for in-house credit unions, and

Verification Systems

  • Chex Systems

Credit Reports

  • Experian
  • Equifax

Hardware/Operating System

The open standards of UltraData Enterprise provide choices in hardware platforms including Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Intel-based hardware.

HP Integrity Servers

HP Integrity Servers offer a wide and extensive range of connectivity capabilities from entry-level servers ideal for Internet applications, firewalls, web hosting and branch office applications all the way to high-end servers for large-scale applications and databases.

IBM P Series Servers

Designed for speed, scalability, flexibility, manageability and availability, the P Series is a distributed memory multi-node computer that easily handles mission-critical applications. The P Series can easily grow to meet the needs of increasing workloads, without disrupting critical operations in today's 24x7 environments.

Intel-based Servers

The demand for e-Business processing power is growing fast, and Intel®-based servers are growing with them. These powerful multiprocessor offer outstanding performance, reliability, scalability and availability.

  • Harland Technology Services
    Harland Technology Services, a Harland owned company, is a certified provider of hardware systems, operating systems and related services for UltraData Enterprise. Harland Technology Services is certified on several operating systems including Microsoft, Citrix, AIX, SCO & Cisco. The company has been servicing systems for over 20 years and supports over 13,000 clients nationwide, including 1,500 financial institutions. These services include providing and installing hardware for the Windows NT, 2000, XP & UNIX / AIX platforms and providing ongoing support. In addition to operating system support, Harland Technology Services provides maintenance services for hardware (i.e., servers, workstations, hubs/switches, printers, peripherals & communication equipment). Harland Technology Services is one of the industry’s finest nationwide hardware maintenance and support companies.

Sales Skills Training

Fairmont's sales skills delivery system prepares the sales staff for a needs-based sales approach that leads to:

  • Stronger relationships
  • Reduced closed accounts
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased sales

Fairmont’s partnership with D+H’s CRM clients ensures our financial institution clients get the most out of their CRM software investment.