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FMS is a suite of Windows® based accounting applications designed to effectively manage banks and credit unions. Our software utilizes the latest technology to re-configure financial operations, improve staff productivity, enhance management information and increase profitability.

FMS Accounts Payable is a state-of-the-art bookkeeping system that furnishes flexible invoice vouchering routines, solid cash management tools, computerized check writing, automated ACH entry generation, and 1099 reporting and tracking tools. It strengthens disbursement control and streamlines operations by delivering a comprehensive vouchering, vendor record keeping, and cash disbursement system that improves department productivity, provides strong expenditure control, and exploits cash positions.

FMS Accrued & Prepaid is a complete record keeping and control system that organizes your institution's prepaid expenses, accrued expenses, and deferred income items into electronic archives. It supplies complete transaction and file maintenance audit trails, incorporates operator-oriented entry routines for item set-up and inquiry, and adapts to the institution's unique accounting cycle.

FMS Board Reporting empowers you to make financial decisions by providing a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute financial snapshot of your institution. It provides quick access to your institution’s financials by combining multiple reports, graphs, and charts into an easy-to-follow document.

FMS Fixed Assets maintains control over the carrying value and location of your institution’s physical assets. It automates the calculation of depreciation, archives all of the institution’s fixed assets, and supports book and tax basis record keeping. FMS Fixed Assets saves time by automating clerical routines and depreciation calculations.

FMS General Ledger was designed by bankers, CPAs, and information systems professionals to address the unique accounting requirements of financial institutions. It supports a large detailed chart of accounts, performs a daily closing cycle, maintains average daily balances for all reporting periods, and integrates “bank unique” subsidiary ledgers.

FMS Investments is designed to assist investment officers in increasing net interest revenue and minimizing investment risk. It expands portfolio reporting and simplifies accounting operations. It combines easy transaction entry, daily updating, and automated month-end processing with extensive reporting to provide the information management needs.

Maintain deposit box data online and automate the billing process with FMS Safe Deposit Box. This multi-branch accounting module organizes your deposit box inventory, recordkeeping, and billing. It automates a number of labor-intensive tasks associated with deposit box operations like billing, open receivables tracking, drill notice production, and maintaining the available box inventory.