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We offer financial institutions of all sizes a comprehensive portfolio of software solutions and services to support all areas of the institution. Use our Solution Finder tool to narrow down your search and find the solution that best meets your needs.


Enterprise Solutions

PhoenixEFE® Core is a real-time transaction processing and account servicing engine. Integrated with every PhoenixEFE application through an SOA-compliance Web services gateway, PhoenixEFE core also includes universal loan and deposit servicing, and an integrated general ledger.

PhoenixEFE® Lending & Compliance provides end-to-end commercial, consumer and mortgage lending capabilities—from compliant documents & origination to administration and underwriting to customer, account and portfolio servicing to collections—every stage of lending is automated in one application.

From origination, analysis, underwriting and documentation of commercial loans to automated decisioning and workflow management of consumer loans, PhoenixEFE® Risk Management provides applications that support commercial, consumer and mortgage loans. The solution helps your institution reduce credit and operational risk, while delivering critical business process management.

PhoenixEFE® Self Service provides mobile, voice and Internet-based self-service solutions for consumers and businesses that enable real-time convenience and straight-through-processing automation.

PhoenixEFE® Branch Automation delivers easy-to-use teller, sales & service case management, origination and branch capture capabilities linked in real time to account servicing and transaction processing capabilities.

PhoenixEFE® Business Intelligence is a combination of tools enabling you to conduct extensive market research and analysis, as well as integrate and launch campaigns across the enterprise. A powerful report writer empowers your staff to make decisions based on analysis from reports they create themselves. In addition, a flexible performance dashboard keeps key operational metrics always at hand—for any of your staff.

PhoenixEFE® Payments is a comprehensive suite of payment solutions including real-time EFT, high-performance, image-enabled item processing, and image capture, balance cash letters, image exchange services, ACH processing, and statement rendering.

PhoenixEFE® Financial Accounting delivers specialized applications for general ledger accounting, investments portfolio analysis, fixed assets, accrued items, and accounts payable—all integrated with institution-wide financial data.

PhoenixEFE® Enterprise Content Management provides enterprise-wide access, from a single repository, to checks, signatures and other images, reports, statements and other documents—fully integrated with your customer or member servicing processes.

UltraData® Enterprise Core offers a suite of integrated, complementary applications, open architecture and connectivity providing a platform that ensures your credit union has a competitive advantage. As the only core solution to be SCP-certified by the Service Strategies Corporation, our knowledge-centered client support and service practices ensure you the highest level of service in the industry.

UltraData® Enterprise Lending Solutions enable your credit union to operate in the growing commercial marketplace and service this new segment of members. Whether your members operate a small business out of their home, run a fast-paced retail store, or own a growing business enterprise, you can provide all the products, services and expertise they need to start or grow their business.

UltraData® Enterprise Self Service offers a comprehensive suite of innovative Internet solutions, helping you become a stronger competitor in the financial marketplace and giving you the ability to better serve the needs of your members. UltraData Enterprise Self Service solutions allow members to choose when, where and how they bank…at their convenience…all in real time.

UltraData® Enterprise Back Office and Accounting solutions help ensure accurate posting to and updating of the general ledger. Within these solutions, you can post monthly provisions for loan loss, replenish undivided earnings, net income to undivided earnings and regular reserves. Posting of batch recurring entries can take place automatically, and dividend and interest accrual processes can be accomplished using standard batch processes that automatically update the general ledger.

Your members rely on access to their financial services around-the-clock. D+H wants to ensure you are prepared in the event a disaster strikes by providing a range of options to ensure business continuity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. UltraData® Enterprise Business Continuity offers solutions for high availability, online data storage and disaster recovery, as well as outsourced IT and operational services.

UltraData® Enterprise Card Processing solutions provide competitive card services tailored to each member relationship. These solutions include complete electronic funds functionality for ATMs, Point-of-Sale (POS) or Credit/Debit Card processing, enabling flexible fee schedules tailored to your credit union's criteria.

With UltraData® Enterprise Collections, collectors can define up to 15 stages of delinquency to tailor a progressive series of collection methods. Research shows that better targeting leads to increased recovery. With UltraData Enterprise Collections, members can be contacted and counseled before problems worsen. This saves time and reduces charge-offs, minimizing losses related to delinquent loans.

UltraData® Enterprise Content Management helps save you time and reduces hard copy storage costs by supporting a paperless environment. By enabling you to electronically handle a range of file formats for storing and accessing reports, scanned documents, statements, forms, drivers licenses, vouchers, signature cards and more, you can provide added convenience to your members while reducing internal costs.

UltraData® Enterprise CRM provides a single control point for all member contacts and sales campaigns, enabling a credit union to focus efforts on both service and sales. This enterprise-wide approach includes powerful contact management, sales and incentive tracking, referral management, problem resolution, campaign and schedule management, and provides a complete view of each member.

UltraData® Enterprise Member Services applications provide complete teller, account set-up and call center tools in a simple and flexible solution. This one-stop-shop for all routine banking transactions and inquiries enables tellers and member service representatives to take care of every member’s needs.

Core Solutions

Sparak® System Core offers a flexible, open design that provides you with superior performance to meet all your core banking needs. It allows you the flexibility to integrate all the technologies necessary to run your bank. With Sparak System Core, you get a truly open solution that works with virtually all of today’s most advanced platforms.

Intrieve®Advantage Core is an outsourced, fully integrated core solution for thrifts and savings banks. Developed and customized specifically for this financial sector, IntrieveAdvantage Core is an online, real-time system that maximizes your profitability, enhances customer service, and boosts productivity. Built on .NET architecture, IntrieveAdvantage Core utilizes a relational database so you and your staff can view a complete profile of a customer.

UltraData® Enterprise Core is designed to deliver comprehensive functionality blended with strategic business guidance to ensure credit unions can serve their members in the most efficient and effective way possible. UltraData Enterprise is available as an outsourced or in-house solution for credit unions.

PhoenixEFE® Core is a real-time transaction processing and account servicing solution for banks and credit unions. PhoenixEFE Core includes universal loan and deposit servicing, enterprise relationship management, and a fully-featured general ledger. PhoenixEFE Core is available as an outsourced or in-house solution.

Lending & Compliance

Compushare Risk Director® is a cost-effective, all-in-one tool to help you develop, maintain, and report business continuity information security, vendor management, auditing, and other risk management tasks so you can meet FFIEC guidelines effectively and comprehensively.

LaserPro® Commercial Lending makes it easy for you to handle the application and closing phases of virtually any commercial loan request, while maintaining document compliance. Covering a full range of borrower, collateral and loan types, the system’s dynamic documents let you quickly process a full range of transactions.

LaserPro® Consumer Lending allows you to quickly process consumer applications from cross-selling to closing, while maintaining loan documentation compliance. It includes multi-state lending, interstate branching and collateral documentation for all 50 states.

For originators of residential mortgage loans that sell the loans on the secondary market, LaserPro® Mortgage Lending offers the functionality and performance needed to provide faster and more informed service, while reducing loan costs.

Every day, thousands of Customer Service Representatives depend on DepositPro® to efficiently open new consumer and commercial accounts. For over 20 years, DepositPro has produced and perfected deposit document printing and compliance, while providing workflow tools to address the myriad of tasks required in opening a new account.

Loan Servicing

Servicing Director® is a complete servicing system to handle all types of loans. It streamlines the entire servicing process to help financial institutions confidently support borrower and investor needs. Servicing Director delivers a comprehensive set of tightly integrated functional areas that mirror your staffing functions, making the system easy to learn and use. All sections work together to enhance your customer focus and improve operational efficiency, while reducing the overall cost of servicing.

Cloud Solutions

The Compushare C3 solution is the first and only true cloud computing environment built exclusively for community financial institutions. It solves the problems of a traditional IT environment by centralizing resources in a community cloud that affords a high degree of business flexibility, security, cost predictability and resiliency. With Compushare C3, Information Technology is changed into a utility, rather than an asset, where institutions only pay for the resources they need. Without any investment in technology environments, you get to use state of the art technology cost effectively due to economies of scale leveraged by many financial institutions with similar applications and requirements.

Compushare Total Message Management provides financial institutions with an enterprise-class, hosted email solution that delivers a holistic approach to your communications, collaboration and compliance needs. In addition to a highly available and resilient message platform, at the forefront of our approach is a team of email, networking, and security professionals possessing impressive credentials, substantial research capabilities and long-standing records of success in offering highly available cost-effective and secure email communication.

Risk Management

CreditPath™ is our innovative platform of credit lifecycle technology solutions for commercial lending, small business lending, and equipment finance. These adaptable platforms are part of an integrated software solution that incorporates robust business intelligence into an enterprise-class technology.

CreditQuest® Credit Manager is a complete solution for managing, reviewing and analyzing credit applications, which significantly reduces commercial application turnaround times, while mitigating credit risk.

CreditQuest® Financial Analyzer, an advanced financial statement management and analysis software system, reduces the time spent by credit officers and credit analysts capturing, reviewing and analyzing their customers’ financial statements. In addition, it offers credit professionals a full range of analysis capabilities, including flexible financial analysis tools, mainstream and customizable ratios, covenant monitoring and custom reports and graphs.

CreditQuest® Portfolio Manager provides credit professionals with metrics pertaining to credit risk, profitability and the level of banking activity, from the portfolio level down to the single customer. By leveraging all of the available data, CreditQuest Portfolio Manager highlights changes in real time to facilitate a timely response.

CreditQuest® Rating Manager is a highly-flexible software solution that enables financial institutions to deploy and use a wide range of risk rating models. It supports models that incorporate borrower demographics, financial statement elements, management quality assessments, industry segment risk, related parties, account activity, quality of collateral, real-time exception alerts and more. These models may automatically aggregate the information available to the financial institution regarding counterparties, facilities and collateral.

DecisionPro™ is a complete consumer loan origination system that automates credit underwriting steps to make it faster and easier to process a credit application by providing policy-based automated decisions or recommendations. It accommodates automated decisions in small to large volumes and a wide range of credit products. DecisionPro delivers a powerful suite of productivity and risk mitigation tools to address the key areas of credit underwriting and origination workflow management.

Self Service

Offer fast, easy access to account information while protecting data with high-level security. Cavion® Internet Banking gives consumers a time-saving way to control their finances, and their data is protected with exceptional reliability through our world-class data center.

Cavion® Bill Pay is one of the most complete bill management services in the market. It allows consumers to receive, view, manage and pay all of their bills, whether paper or electronic, online at their convenience through Cavion Internet Banking.

Cavion® Business Banking is designed for businesses to support their online banking needs. From providing innovative payment solutions to presenting flexible, efficient cash management tools, Cavion Business Banking delivers online functionality that small business owners need to effectively manage their businesses.

Cavion® Business Bill Pay enables you to provide your business banking clients with a time-saving, value-added service. It enables businesses to manage and pay their bills (paper or electronic) and invoices from Cavion Business Banking.

Cavion® Mobile Banking Professional allows consumers to access information, products and services using a wide range of cell phones, smart phones, iPhone® or other compatible devices.

As mobile apps become more sophisticated, consumers are demanding banking applications and services that are more intuitive and fun to use. The Cavion® Mobile Banking App combines the benefits of Internet banking with the power of smartphone devices, providing quick access to account information. With the Cavion Mobile Banking App, account holders easily navigate through menu options to transfer funds, view account balances, access account history and locate and get directions to ATM and branch locations.

Cavion® Mobile Banking SMS is the next mobile banking product in a suite of mobile banking solutions offered by D+H. For Cavion Internet Banking users, Cavion Mobile Banking SMS enables financial institutions to provide a comprehensive mobile, self-service offering that adds value for busy customers on the go.

Cavion® Voice Banking Professional takes the voice channel to the next level. It’s packed with the latest features for both retail and business customers with an intuitive user interface and a “voice” that’s easy on the ears. Cavion Voice Banking Professional fully integrates with Cavion Internet Banking.

Cavion® Consumer Capture makes it possible for micro-businesses and consumers receiving small numbers of checks to take advantage of the benefits of remote deposit capture (RDC). Through the support of a simplex flatbed scanner or all-in-one print/copy/fax machine, consumer capture opens the benefits of RDC to small business owners and consumers unable to justify the cost of high-speed, MICR check scanners associated with traditional merchant capture.

Merchant capture is the next step in the evolution of image-based check processing, which allows for commercial customers to electronically capture and remotely transmit items from their institution to yours. Now, with Cavion® Merchant Capture, your customers have the convenience of error-free balanced deposits from their place of business. Once complete, the deposits and images are transmitted to your back office for processing and clearing.

Cavion® Mobile Capture, which can be integrated with the Cavion Mobile Banking App, allows users to initiate mobile-deposit sessions, key in check amounts and simply snap photos of both sides of the checks with supported smart phone cameras. Before transmitting, the technology formats the check images, automatically corrects any image distortions or skewing, and confirms that the images meet accepted Check 21 image-quality standards.

Protect your network, customer data and Internet connectivity assets with Cavion® Security Solutions. Assess vulnerability and get affordable options for managing and monitoring e-mail, firewall and intrusion systems. Using Cavion Security Solutions will provide peace of mind for your financial institution and your end-users.

Customize your website solutions to fit the needs of your financial institution's customers. Cavion® Website Solutions offer a variety of secure features to choose from. Offer a clear route for consumers to get the exceptional online service they desire and the ability to interact with your financial institution 24 hours a day.

Our Cavion® Connectivity Solutions offer your end-users and employees reliable connectivity to the online world. Communicate securely with end-users, branch employees, partners, suppliers and the Internet community through the broad spectrum of Cavion Connectivity Solutions.

uOpen™ helps you create a best-in-class account opening and funding experience for customers and members, combining a delightful experience with outstanding results. With real-time decisioning and an integrated switch kit for new account setup, this end-to-end solution improves application completion rates, office efficiencies, and regulatory compliance. uOpen provides a unified process across all channels so your customers or members have the same experience no matter where they open their new accounts—online, in-branch or using the call center.

uSwitch™ makes transferring additional relationships to your financial institution simple. It can transfer all external accounts easily—deposit and loan accounts, direct deposits, automatic payments, and credit cards. uSwitch empowers customers to make their financial business your business, making you the primary financial institution.

Branch Automation

Encore® Sales & Service provides features to service an account, manage contacts, track referrals and sales opportunities or open an account in busy branches or in the call center. Information is shared and training is simplified. As part of the Encore Branch Automation suite, the flexibility of Encore allows for any combination of features at workstations throughout your institution.

Encore® Teller supplies maximum processing flexibility and effectiveness with robust host integration, balancing, reporting and productivity features in areas such as teller referrals, document preparation and online help.

EZTeller® is a top-performing, PC-based teller automation system designed to help banks increase the effectiveness and return-on-investment of their branch operations and bank productivity. EZTeller is feature-rich and easy to use, improving tellers’ ability to provide customer service, while reducing transaction costs and training time.

Managed Solutions

Data is a critical and valuable asset for the financial services industry. The ever increasing reliance on electronic data and records makes the management of data volumes and archives a critical business function. Ensuring that your organization’s data can be quickly restored if necessary or accessed for historical purposes is a critical element for operational and regulatory compliance purposes. Compushare Data Assurance provides an automated solution that backs up your critical data each night to a secure and geographically diverse data center.

Compushare Data Encryption is a centrally managed high performance encryption system for data at rest. As audit and examination teams are bringing closer scrutiny to information security, it is more and more critical for financial institutions to protect critical data. Compushare Data Encryption ensures your non-public data remains compliant and secure no matter where your data is housed.

Compushare IT Support Services provides a single point of contact for your institution’s IT support needs. Your end users will experience a high touch and client intimate support service. The Compushare IT Support Services team and all Service Desk Management operations are centralized and dedicated to supporting all of your institution’s users by assisting with technical support questions and issues. All support requests are captured and logged in our secure case management system. Our Technology Management Center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year ensuring you always have the support you need.

Attacking Internet connectivity, probing for vulnerable network entry points, website defacements attempts and launching of denial-of-service attacks are just a few examples of malicious activity that threatens the integrity of networks on a daily basis. Many organizations deploy firewalls as their sole protection against malicious intruders. However, firewalls alone do not proactively identify complex traffic patterns to identify malicious behavior and kill impending attacks on the network. All too often, organizations lack the technical and financial resources to effectively provide the level of security required to meet modern Internet security practices. D+H is uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive, enterprise class network defense solutions to your institution at an affordable price, while helping you successfully meet your risk mitigation and security objectives.

All financial institutions have an extreme dependence on Information Technology. As such, ensuring your network devices, servers, desktops and other systems are available, performing and secure is paramount. However, with multiple vendors, management systems, monitoring platforms, and report portals, it is impossible for most organizations to keep up with the sprawl of technology. To assist institutions with this burden, we offer Compushare Systems Management, a complete solution suite to provide you with the peace of mind that your critical systems are being proactively managed and protected.

Mortgage Solutions

MortgagebotLOS™ is the back-end solution within the end-to-end Mortgagebot™ platform. This all-in-one loan origination system supports retail, wholesale and correspondent mortgage lending. It is a user-friendly, web-based solution for streamlining all origination processes, accessing information anytime/anywhere, increasing loan production and reducing operating costs.

MortgagebotPOS™ – part of the award-winning, end-to-end Mortgagebot™ platform – is a web-based solution that allows lenders to take accurate, qualified applications through every point-of-sale channel: consumer-direct via the Internet, in the branch or call center, or through professional loan officers.

The GreatDocs® mortgage library provides more than 3,000 compliant documents, including standard, conventional, government origination, processing and closing documents, in addition to state-specific disclosures and standard HELOC documents. The library also offers a number of specialty documents to support investor programs. All documents are maintained and updated regularly for compliance by our in-house Compliance Counsel and our comprehensive Network of Federal and State Counsel.


The E3® mortgage loan origination system provides your organization with critical business process management, integration and connectivity across the mortgage supply chain, enabling you to integrate service providers into your business processes. E3 enables you to compete effectively with the largest lenders from a cost and service perspective.

Business Intelligence

AccessPort™ takes the traditional dashboard concept, which gives financial institution executives a single view of daily reports and activities, and extends it to every department throughout your institution.The result is an institution-wide tool for information sharing, work organization and communications.

Touché® Analyzer gives you unprecedented insight into consumers’ needs and behaviors. The result of over 25 years of MCIF expertise in financial services, Touché Analyzer will have your entire organization reading off the same page, enabling you to provide better service, generate sales, guide your strategic plan, price your products competitively and be able to back it all up with an increase in profitability and enhanced consumer loyalty.

Before you can think about improving sales or providing excellent service at the front line, you must understand consumers’ needs and expectations. This idea is at the center of Touché® CRM. Touché CRM is unique among CRM solutions for the financial services industry because it seamlessly incorporates business intelligence from Touché® Analyzer, the industry’s leading business intelligence solution, and provides it in an easy-to-use format at the front line where it’s needed most.


Technology is a game-changer, and D+H puts the latest capabilities in your hands. Whether you’re looking for self-directed or managed ATM solutions, Card Payments ATM can help you generate revenue and build your brand.

Flexible PIN debit transactions continue to grow as consumers embrace more convenient and secure payment methods. Card Payments Debit enables your financial institution to keep up with this growing demand by providing PIN debit card processing programs.

Having access to a wide range of Visa® and MasterCard® products allows you to create unique credit card programs to support your cardholders, as well as offer the right interest rates, credit lines, fee structures and rewards programs to drive acquisition and usage. Card Payments Credit offers a wide variety of Visa and MasterCard products to meet all your financial institution's needs.

Credit card acceptance is no longer a choice in today’s competitive marketplace. With Card Payments Merchant Services, your financial institution will be positioned to acquire new merchant accounts, strengthen relationships with existing commercial customers and grow revenue.

Build a new revenue stream and reach new audiences with turnkey prepaid solutions. Card Payments Prepaid offers multiple, secure prepaid card options that enable your financial institution to increase non-interest revenue, attract new customers and strengthen your competitive position.

Frequency of use. This is what drives the profitability of your credit and debit card programs. Card Payments Rewards delivers turnkey rewards programs that are easy to implement, customizable to your needs and let you offer your cardholders the benefits they value most.

eBill Presentment & Payment is a turnkey, cost-effective billing platform that delivers a rich set of tools to small- and mid-sized billers once available only to large corporations.

DPXPay™ is the person-to-person (P2P) payments and account-to-account (A2A) transfer solution provided to financial institutions. This easy-to-use service allows account holders to conveniently and securely send a payment or request a payment from another person anywhere, at any time, using only the recipient’s e-mail address or mobile phone number.

ActiveView® Item Processing is a high-performance, image-enabled item processing solution. The unique process in ActiveView Item Processing, which combines check reading, forms processing and document identification capabilities, is built into the system and designed to improve the balancing efficiency and overall workflow of financial institutions.

ActiveView® Teller Capture is a comprehensive, image-based transaction processing solution that enables frontline employees to capture images of checks, deposit slips, payment coupons and more at the teller line.

ActiveView® Statement Printing is a statement production and distribution service that allows financial institutions to eliminate the difficulties associated with printing and mailing statements in-house, reduce costs, simplify workflows, and achieve increased statement integrity and quality.

Enterprise Content Management

ActiveView® Content Management is a browser-based software application that offers fast, easy and consistent access to client and company information. Utilizing the latest technology, this state-of-the-art solution provides financial institutions with a centralized, enterprise-wide content management system, helping to ensure important financial information is not only preserved, but secure. Organizations use ActiveView Content Management to streamline their processes and share information stored in the database with their employees, business partners and customers. From the backroom to the boardroom, ActiveView Content Management has redefined document management – expanding access and accountability.

Financial Accounting

FMS Accounts Payable is a state-of-the-art bookkeeping system that furnishes flexible invoice vouchering routines, solid cash management tools, computerized check writing, automated ACH entry generation, and 1099 reporting and tracking tools. It strengthens disbursement control and streamlines operations by delivering a comprehensive vouchering, vendor record keeping, and cash disbursement system that improves department productivity, provides strong expenditure control, and exploits cash positions.

FMS Accrued & Prepaid is a complete record keeping and control system that organizes your institution's prepaid expenses, accrued expenses, and deferred income items into electronic archives. It supplies complete transaction and file maintenance audit trails, incorporates operator-oriented entry routines for item set-up and inquiry, and adapts to the institution's unique accounting cycle.

FMS Board Reporting empowers you to make financial decisions by providing a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute financial snapshot of your institution. It provides quick access to your institution’s financials by combining multiple reports, graphs, and charts into an easy-to-follow document.

FMS Fixed Assets maintains control over the carrying value and location of your institution’s physical assets. It automates the calculation of depreciation, archives all of the institution’s fixed assets, and supports book and tax basis record keeping. FMS Fixed Assets saves time by automating clerical routines and depreciation calculations.

FMS General Ledger was designed by bankers, CPAs, and information systems professionals to address the unique accounting requirements of financial institutions. It supports a large detailed chart of accounts, performs a daily closing cycle, maintains average daily balances for all reporting periods, and integrates “bank unique” subsidiary ledgers.

FMS Investments is designed to assist investment officers in increasing net interest revenue and minimizing investment risk. It expands portfolio reporting and simplifies accounting operations. It combines easy transaction entry, daily updating, and automated month-end processing with extensive reporting to provide the information management needs.

Maintain deposit box data online and automate the billing process with FMS Safe Deposit Box. This multi-branch accounting module organizes your deposit box inventory, recordkeeping, and billing. It automates a number of labor-intensive tasks associated with deposit box operations like billing, open receivables tracking, drill notice production, and maintaining the available box inventory.

Professional Services

Regulatory compliance has become a significant burden for many organizations. While ensuring a minimum standard for best practices, keeping up with regulations and implementing them can be a significant strain on IT, compliance personnel and management. Compushare Compliance Consulting solutions assists organizations prepare for an audit as well as comply with regulatory compliance standards. Whether it be around business continuity preparation or solutions, policy and procedural review, GLBA assurance, vulnerability or IT risk assessments, Compushare Compliance Consulting can ensure you are ready for your next examination.