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Lending and Compliance



D+H offers a range of origination and compliant document solutions for both lending and account opening. With interfaces to dozens of core system providers, third-party vendors and open integration with D+H software, our products can be tailored to complement and enhance your daily workflow. Our compliant loan documentation system generates consumer, commercial and residential real estate loans, all backed by our rich compliance knowledge and a nationwide attorney network.

More than 3,000 lenders nationwide depend on LaserPro® for compliant loan documents and deposit account opening. LaserPro delivers the latest technology and efficiency for multiple loan and deposit account opening types for lenders of all sizes. Lenders rely on LaserPro to help them comply with state and federal laws, while providing true 50-state banking capability.

Compushare Risk Director® is a cost-effective, all-in-one tool to help you develop, maintain, and report business continuity information security, vendor management, auditing, and other risk management tasks so you can meet FFIEC guidelines effectively and comprehensively.

Every day, thousands of Customer Service Representatives depend on DepositPro® to efficiently open new consumer and commercial accounts. For over 20 years, DepositPro has produced and perfected deposit document printing and compliance, while providing workflow tools to address the myriad of tasks required in opening a new account.