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Card Payments



The Card Payments suite of solutions makes it easy to meet consumers’ payment processing needs. From ATM management technology that can help you expand your cross-sell capabilities to secure card processing and production services to prepaid cards that can add revenue, our comprehensive suite of Card Payments solutions help make payment processing more efficient and profitable. The Card Payments suite includes ATM driving services, debit and credit card processing, debit and credit card production solutions, merchant services, prepaid card solutions and rewards programs.

Technology is a game-changer, and D+H puts the latest capabilities in your hands. Whether you’re looking for self-directed or managed ATM solutions, Card Payments ATM can help you generate revenue and build your brand.

Flexible PIN debit transactions continue to grow as consumers embrace more convenient and secure payment methods. Card Payments Debit enables your financial institution to keep up with this growing demand by providing PIN debit card processing programs.

Having access to a wide range of Visa® and MasterCard® products allows you to create unique credit card programs to support your cardholders, as well as offer the right interest rates, credit lines, fee structures and rewards programs to drive acquisition and usage. Card Payments Credit offers a wide variety of Visa and MasterCard products to meet all your financial institution's needs.

Credit card acceptance is no longer a choice in today’s competitive marketplace. With Card Payments Merchant Services, your financial institution will be positioned to acquire new merchant accounts, strengthen relationships with existing commercial customers and grow revenue.

Build a new revenue stream and reach new audiences with turnkey prepaid solutions. Card Payments Prepaid offers multiple, secure prepaid card options that enable your financial institution to increase non-interest revenue, attract new customers and strengthen your competitive position.

Frequency of use. This is what drives the profitability of your credit and debit card programs. Card Payments Rewards delivers turnkey rewards programs that are easy to implement, customizable to your needs and let you offer your cardholders the benefits they value most.