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Professional Services



Our Professional Services bring together experts with financial industry experience, innovative thinking and state-of-the-art technology to accelerate the design, development and deployment of our solutions to meet your organizational objectives. Whether your goal is to enhance business operations, evaluate ways to mitigate risk, uncover opportunities to improve profitability, or support personal and organizational learning goals, our team of professionals are ready to assist. Our goal is to maximize your technology investment, strengthen your competitive advantage and contribute to your long-term success.

Compushare Compliance Consulting solutions assists organizations prepare for an audit as well as comply with regulatory compliance standards. Whether it be around business continuity preparation or solutions, policy and procedural review, GLBA assurance, vulnerability or IT risk assessments, Compushare Compliance Consulting can ensure you are ready for your next examination.

D+H’s Technical Services put highly experienced technology and systems experts, and software engineers to work on your IT projects, either working with your internal department or on a turnkey basis. Our services range from institution-wide IT planning, security enhancement and database administration tasks, to interface design, development and testing. We can help you get the new efficiencies or features you need to stay competitive right now – without adding IT staff.

D+H’s Consulting Services bring you the best of both worlds – an outside perspective, plus deep system and industry knowledge. Our consultants work with your staff to help you find ways to operate more efficiently, improve profitability, identify potential process improvements, or help you manage risk. At the end of the engagement, your institution will know what processes and procedures are working, what could be improved and the best strategy for making the identified changes.

D+H’s Managed Services make it easy to extend your resources by outsourcing your IT and operational needs to our specialists. Our team of professionals can perform operational projects, like managing release testing in your environment. We can manage your MCIF function without the need for your organization to license software, working with you on processes that drive the critical data you need to target your marketing efforts. We can manage the design and hosting of your website, and we can also manage disaster recovery, business continuity or take responsibility for the day-to-day operations of your total core system.

D+H’s Customization Services enable you to customize your D+H products to meet your specific business needs. Our services range from customized systems, forms and reports, to adding bar codes to your documents to changing an account alert for your Internet banking solution. We can also design, develop and test software programs to meet your specific integration goals and maximize the efficiency of your organization.

D+H’s Training Services ensure your staff uses all your system or application has to offer – and more. Our training professionals can work with you to create a program that fits your specific goals. Sometimes that’s getting everyone up-to-speed on a new technology or release. Other times, it’s preparing employees for certification – or identifying educational gaps that could be driving down efficiency. Whatever your need, our training experts can help.

D+H’s Data Services enable you to make the most out of your data. Our experts can slice, dice and analyze your customer or member information, segment it by need, or segment prospect lists for a targeted campaign. We can overlay demographics and market data to help you better understand your customers and how they might react to certain offers, or pre-screen them for certain marketing offers. In short, we transform your data into the actionable information you need to stay competitive and run your institution.