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Consulting Services



D+H’s Consulting Services bring you the best of both worlds – an outside perspective, plus deep system and industry knowledge. Our consultants work with your staff to help you find ways to operate more efficiently, improve profitability, identify potential process improvements, or help you manage risk. At the end of the engagement, your institution will know what processes and procedures are working, what could be improved and the best strategy for making the identified changes.

Managing risk has become a top priority in today’s regulated financial services environment. Excessive credit and operational risk can impact your institution’s profitability. In addition, your processing systems and the data they house could be a source of risk if they are not secure and well managed. D+H, with its team of experienced professionals and wide array of Risk Management Consulting Services, can help you recognize and mitigate these risks, freeing up your resources for more important projects.

With deep industry knowledge and experience, D+H provides the highest quality and most effective industry education with its Thought Leadership Consulting Services. Experts in the areas of compliance, risk management, growth opportunities and service all come together to offer you the advantages of leveraging their vast knowledge of current trends and strategies for the benefit of your institution and staff.

In today’s competitive environment, it’s more important than ever to fully understand the customers or members you serve and to fully leverage your business intelligence tool and data. Our Business Intelligence Consulting Services can help you identify, analyze and otherwise fully utilize customer and household data to determine profitability and target your strategies more effectively. Our experts can help you fully leverage your customer/member, demographic and market data to better understand and segment your customers, identify marketing opportunities, and manage marketing campaigns to maximize the success of your programs.

Ensure you are optimizing the D+H products you own with our Product Consulting Services. Our service configures products based on your current and future business goals to accelerate return on your investment. We then apply best practice usage to ensure you are reaping the full benefits of the available functionality and provide consulting on process and procedural improvements to maximize usage and productivity.