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View Solution TourCreditQuest® is a suite of software products that provides integrated and easy-to-use solutions that are built for the unique needs around commercial credit management. It brings financial analysis, portfolio management, executive reporting, rating model administration, and project finance as well as workflow management together in a collaborative, scalable system. CreditQuest improves efficiency throughout the entire credit lifecycle, centralizes data from many sources, automates routine tasks and contributes to overall credit risk management. CreditQuest consists of solutions that can be deployed as a full suite or individually, depending on the specific needs of the organization. Click here to view the CreditQuest credit management process.

CreditQuest® Credit Manager is a complete solution for managing, reviewing and analyzing credit applications, which significantly reduces commercial application turnaround times, while mitigating credit risk.

CreditQuest® Financial Analyzer, an advanced financial statement management and analysis software system, reduces the time spent by credit officers and credit analysts capturing, reviewing and analyzing their customers’ financial statements. In addition, it offers credit professionals a full range of analysis capabilities, including flexible financial analysis tools, mainstream and customizable ratios, covenant monitoring and custom reports and graphs.

CreditQuest® Portfolio Manager provides credit professionals with metrics pertaining to credit risk, profitability and the level of banking activity, from the portfolio level down to the single customer. By leveraging all of the available data, CreditQuest Portfolio Manager highlights changes in real time to facilitate a timely response.

CreditQuest® Rating Manager is a highly-flexible software solution that enables financial institutions to deploy and use a wide range of risk rating models. It supports models that incorporate borrower demographics, financial statement elements, management quality assessments, industry segment risk, related parties, account activity, quality of collateral, real-time exception alerts and more. These models may automatically aggregate the information available to the financial institution regarding counterparties, facilities and collateral.