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Mobile credit card processing terminals with web-based payments management for businesses of all sizes.

Businesses on the move must be able to securely accept payment wherever they make the sale. Retailers, delivery services, home repair services, direct sales personnel – or anyone else who collects payments in the field, can speed payments significantly by enabling payment at the service site.

There are plenty of options to accept mobile payments, but security remains a key concern. Expensive smartphone or tablet-based payment solutionsare rarely limited to dedicated function, a factor that puts the data of you and your customers at risk.

Mobilescape provides a complete mobile payment terminal and processing solution that allows businesses to accept secure, rapid credit card payments wherever service is delivered. It enables service personnel to authorize and process all major credit cards, capture signatures and print receipts on the spot. Mobilescape’s mobile payment terminals are EMV-capable, ensuring compliance with the EMV standard.

Mobilescape includes hardware, software, integration services, wireless services and transaction processing, as well as being accompanied by the highest levels of support.

This portable, handheld payment solution is powered by an ARM11 processor. Mobilescape transactions are carried by the AT&T network. The palm-sized (3.5-inch) color touch screen is intuitive and easy to use and requires no formal training.

Web-based Mobilescape Manager provides real-time reporting of transactions conducted in the field, gives access to stored receipts and signatures and enables the account to be managed from any location.

All data and communications are PCI compliant and secured using the most advanced encryption capabilities available. The mobile payment terminals are EMV-capable. Data encryption and security levels exceed current industry standards for payment transactions.

On the spot credit card authorizations take seconds - and less time spent approving credit cards means more time making customer visits and developing new business. ‘Card-present’ transactions translate into lower processing fees, since the risk of fraudulent use is reduced.

Mobilescape reduces chargeback risks significantly. When credit cards are swiped, specially encoded data is transmitted with the charge record to Mobilescape Manager, along with the customer’s signature. In the case of potential disputes, a copy of the merchant’s signed receipt can be printed from Mobilescape Manager as proof of a legitimate transaction.

Tips and invoice numbers can be tracked electronically and valid signatures can be captured on Mobilescape’s touch screen. With instant online access to stored signatures and receipts, there is no need to keep paper copies. Customer receipts may also be printed on the spot.

The need to manage paper receipts can be eliminated, with immediate access provided online. By storing receipts in an electronic format, Mobilescape complies with IRS regulations and the policies of credit card issuers. For the merchant, an electronic receipt, complete with signature, is archived and stored for seven years in D+H's ‘state of the art’ datacenter.

Sales: +1-855-313-9068, Support: +1-866-414-5600

To order Mobilescape accessories, send an email request to psd.support@dh.com describing what you need and our team will contact you.

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