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Today, there is a growing consensus that blockchain technologies have the potential to transform financial services. The overarching promise of blockchain is to empower banks to modernize their entire payments infrastructure, enabling better and faster advances in customer offerings. These include near-real time delivery of multi-currency or cross border transactions, predictable and low cost transaction fees, low exception rates, and increased access to, and control of, liquidity.

D+H was the first payments vendor to apply distributed ledger blockchain technology to a global payment services hub. Financial institutions using D+H’s payments hub can now use a secure, closed loop distributed ledger system to connect bank networks, move money in real-time, and improve access to liquidity. Peer-to-peer payments can be made immediately, benefiting from the anonymity inherent in blockchain technology to ensure security and reduce risk. This means banks of all sizes will be able to quickly and easily manage payments of all types – high value, mass, and immediate payments – and all currencies in one integrated system, domestically and across borders.

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