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Broker Connectivity

Banks are challenged to process trade orders to brokers without time delay D+H’s Broker Connectivity solution provides a standardized language for communication with brokerages and stock exchanges, thus enabling financial institutions to improve trade processes via the FIX protocol.

The straight-through-process is supported by different means such as:

  • Supplying the interfaces to the trading and broker systems
  • Providing required conversions
  • Archiving purposes
  • Order routing

The content-based routing allows for the optimization of process flow against a broker’s fee-structure. By automatically routing the message to the best broker with the best trading conditions without delay, the reduced trading costs often pay off the broker connectivity investment within a short time. Monitoring facilities enable the bank to immediately identify issues in the message queue and allows the bank to react immediately. This helps the bank reduce the risk of being confronted with late deliveries.

Learn how D+H can support all your financial messaging needs with our bank connectivity, payment order management, and sanctions screening solutions.

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