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Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash is the lifeblood of all business—even more so in times of economic volatility. The ability to conduct accurate, effective cash forecasting and planning is important if corporations are to avoid a liquidity crisis and remain solvent. Robust cash forecasting solutions are vital to address financing needs efficiently.

Today's corporate treasurers need access to timely, accurate and consolidated information to facilitate cash forecasting. D+H’s cash flow forecasting solution helps banks to ensure this information is available to their corporate customers. It is important that this information is centrally available, in order to allow treasurers to check that inflows and outflows match and to help determine the extent to which available liquidity will cover the organization's operational costs. Access to this centralized information also enables treasurers to spot any potential surplus and plan how 'idle' funds can be used to save costs and maximize revenues.

Cash Flow Forecasting Products