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When a cheque is used in Canada, there is a very good chance that D+H’s name is behind it. D+H is the cheque supplier and trusted partner to many of the banks and credit unions in Canada. D+H’s reliable cheque solutions provide an exceptional experience for customers, incorporating high quality products backed by top-rate customer service. Both the Personal and Business cheque programs offer the functionality needed to meet a range of cheque-related needs.

D+H’s cheque products incorporate Advanced Security Measures® and follow the standards set out by the Canadian Payments Association for cheque printing. This ensures seamless processing through the payment system. D+H is continually researching the new security features available in the marketplace relating to changing cheque processing technologies. In addition, many of D+H’s personal products include the IDefence® service at no additional charge. In the unfortunate event that a customer becomes a victim of identity theft, IDefence provides them with the tools they need to restore their identity.

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