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Commercial Lending

D+H leads the way with its comprehensive commercial lending solution, which modernizes the loan experience for borrowers and improves productivity across the lending team. D+H has the technology that can grow with your firm as you add loans, borrowers and complexity, helping your financial institution achieve enhanced efficiency, increased scalability, and improved profitability.


Every commercial lending institution is unique; each has its own policies, customers and loan portfolios. D+H has developed an end-to-end solution for commercial lenders that can accommodate all of them: Total Lending™ Powered by LaserPro®.

Total Lending offers a solution for banks and credit unions that is comprehensive and flexible. Total Lending streamlines compliance and reporting, simplifies billing and support, and eliminates the need for re-keying data.

Total Lending accommodates the entire lending activity lifecycle, and can provide a 360-degree view of relationships under management. With Total Lending, calculations, workflows, advanced financial analysis capabilities, electronic-compliant documents and servicing systems are all working together on a single platform. Powered by LaserPro, Total Lending provides configurable loan documentation  backed by over 25 years of rich compliance knowledge and a nationwide attorney network.

Learn more about Total Lending below, and discover which level is right for your commercial lending needs.

Lending Without Limits - Total Lending™: Essential, Premium and Complete

  • Essential: Simplify and standardize the origination, processing and document preparation for commercial lending.
  • Premium: Gain operational transparency, powerful financial analysis capabilities, and core connectivity with a comprehensive end-to-end lending platform.
  • Complete: Promote sustainable growth and operational efficiency with a 360-degree view of all relationships throughout the entire lending lifecycle.

Commercial Lending Products