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Consumer Lending

D+H is a leader in consumer lending technology, offering a solution that provides a comprehensive foundation for banks and credit unions. D+H’s compliant, intuitive consumer platform can handle any level of loan complexity, and is flexible enough to grow with your financial institution. With D+H, the emphasis is always on helping our clients achieve greater levels of transparency, scalability, and profitability in their consumer lending operations.


Total Lending™ Powered by LaserPro® does just what the name implies, it provides a complete solution that covers consumer lending needs – everything from accepting online applications, through automated processing and decisioning, to compliant documentation and electronic document signing.

Total Lending contains powerful productivity and compliance tools, which address the key areas of consumer credit underwriting, origination and processing. With interfaces to numerous core system providers, third-party vendors and open integration with D+H software, Total Lending can be tailored to complement and enhance daily consumer lending workflows. Powered by LaserPro, Total Lending provides configurable loan documentation backed by over 25 years of rich compliance knowledge and a nationwide attorney network.

Learn more about Total Lending below, and discover which level is right for your consumer and commercial lending needs.

Lending Without Limits - Total Lending™: Essential, Premium and Complete

  • Essential: A web-based solution that allows lenders to receive accurate, qualified applications via the Internet, in the branch or call center, or through loan officers.
  • Premium: Gain operational transparency and the ability to automate your direct credit underwriting steps to make it faster and easier to process consumer credit applications by providing policy-based, automated decisions or recommendations.
  • Complete: Scaled to meet your entire consumer lending needs offering a web-based application processing platform combined with automated decisioning of both your direct and indirect loans.

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