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Corporate Liquidity Management

Liquidity optimization is increasingly important to corporate treasury groups faced with a need to manage working capital and optimize the surplus funds all in a rapidly changing regulatory environment. More than ever corporate treasurers have a need for real-time, intra-liquidity information; as the speed of the transactions accelerates, so does the need for accurate and timely information. However, thinly stretched treasury departments struggle to identify liquidity positions at the enterprise-wide and real-time levels. As a result, treasury departments expend precious time and resources on manual processes while the strategic aspects of the liquidity management are ignored.

Financial institutions that can offer solutions to their corporate clients will benefit by becoming a valuable partner, gaining a competitive advantage, and increasing revenues D+H’s Total Treasury liquidity management module offers a wide range of liquidity management tools to banks that enable their corporate customers to manage cash flow, credit and working capital across many accounts.

Corporate Liquidity Management Products