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Doc Prep and Compliance

For more than 30 years, thousands of lenders across North America have depended on compliance solutions from D+H.

D+H continues to lead the way for financial institutions, with a host of lending solutions that are powered by the industry’s top compliance technologies: LaserPro® and Mortgagebot® in the United States, and a suite of collateral management and mortgage technologies in Canada.

At D+H, compliance isn’t a question: It’s a promise that’s always kept, despite a continuous onslaught of new regulations. With D+H, financial institutions can stay ahead of any compliance change – in the community courthouse and beyond – courtesy of:

  • A network of state and federal attorneys in 55 jurisdictions.
  • A significant in-house compliance team, which tracks and reacts to upcoming regulations.
  • Powerful compliance readiness solutions and training, which allows clients to minimize their compliance burden.
  • Leading document preparation, compliance, and analytics tools that have been designed to ease compliance for financial institutions of all sizes.

Doc Prep and Compliance Products