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Global/Domestic Payments

Whether a large bank with a global presence or a smaller regional, domestic or community bank or credit union, financial institutions face many of the same challenges: a greater focus on 'fee-for-service revenue'; the need to get new products to market more quickly; an increasingly restrictive regulatory environment; more demanding customers; and the pressure to increase efficiency while reducing cost, to name but a few. Small institutions have the added stress of trying to compete with large multi-nationals, with deeper pockets and greater resources.

Regardless of an institution’s size and scope, D+H offers a payments solution that fits the unique needs of financial institutions. D+H’s payment hub solution provides a platform for robust cross-border payments and improved global capabilities, while our wire transfer solution for U.S. national and regional financial institutions provides a simple, scalable funds transfer solution to serve their customers growing needs. For European domestic banks, our integrated application combines elements of the two solutions to enable SEPA compliant and cross-border fund transfers within the European Union.

D+H's payments solutions can help banks save time, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency by bringing together payments information for many different payment types and from many different systems into one, centralized system. By consolidating information into a single view, banks have transparency into operations and can reduce costs by eliminating the need for multiple interfaces and systems. By reducing the number of interfaces, systems and stages in the payment process, as well as in the steps requiring manual invention, operational risk is dramatically reduced.

Global/Domestic Payments Products