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Mortgage Lending

D+H delivers technology solutions that span the entire mortgage-lending process, including point-of-sale, origination, processing and the compliant documentation needs of today’s lenders.

Available as SaaS-deployed (Web-based) or on-premise platforms, D+H mortgage solutions provide critical business process management, integration and connectivity across the mortgage supply chain, enabling lenders to integrate service providers into their business processes, streamline resources and improve operational control and productivity.

The following D+H mortgage solutions are currently available in the US:

  • MortgagebotLOS
  • MortgagebotPOS
  • LaserPro® Mortgage Lending 
  • Servicing Director®

The following D+H Mortgage solutions are currently available in Canada:

  • Canadian Mortgage Technology
    • Expert (Origination)
    • Exchange (Document Management)
    • Express (Underwriting)

Mortgage Lending Products