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The ability to efficiently handle payables is imperative to any corporate treasurer who wants to improve the bottom line. Yet, managing payables is an increasingly complex task, given multiple currencies, geographies, counterparties and payments types. By effectively managing payables, treasurers have more insight and control over working capital.

D+H’s Total Treasury payables module is designed to meet the needs of today’s corporate treasurers. The module supports all global payment types, including multi-currency and cross-border payments. Automation allows corporations to streamline and simplify payment workflows and increase straight-through-processing, saving time and money.  Transactions can be set up for quick and easy initiation of payables using transaction templates, transaction cloning and recurring instructions.

D+H’s Total Treasury allows payables to be originated from a host of channels including web, file upload, host-to-host, tablet and mobile. Remittance information can be included to facilitate the timely settlement and reconciliation of transactions.

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