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Payment Hub

Today’s payments businesses face significant challenges. Immediate payment schemes are on the rise, requiring rapid roll-out of new service models based on new payment types; the volume of electronic payments continues to grow, straining traditional processing silos; and regulation and competition make it harder to manage multi-currency, multi-product and multi-country payments operations. Financial institutions need to navigate all these challenges while maintaining superior customer service, increasing revenues, reducing risk and driving down overall operating costs.

D+H’s payment hub solution allows financial institutions to address these challenges by consolidating multiple legacy systems into a single highly configurable payment hub that can be deployed globally, yet controlled locally. Financial institutions can now release new products faster than the competition, without code changes; improve customer service by capturing all payment data, across all customer segments, in a centralized location; and enhance the customer experience by ensuring a unified processing model across multiple channels, legacy payment systems, and core banking environments. The result is simplified operational overhead and lower transaction processing costs, contributing to healthier payments business margins.

Whether deployed on-premise or hosted in our secure data centers, D+H’s agile implementation methodology and decades of experience ensure that our payment hub solution can be implemented quickly, reducing risk and lowering cost. D+H also offers the solution as Payments-Platform-as-a-Service, enabling financial institutions to outsource their entire payments infrastructure to a managed-service model.

Whatever the deployment model, financial institutions can be confident that their investment in a payment hub will be future-proofed, keeping pace with the evolving payments landscape, from immediate payments to blockchain to open APIs, and new technologies that come to market in the future.

Payment Hub Products