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Today, large transaction banks typically manage their entire payment processing infrastructure in-house. While this approach has allowed banks to retain ownership and control of the process, it is no longer able to deliver the cost efficiency, regulatory agility and performance required of a modern competitive payment services business.

As a result, just as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions are gaining traction in other industries, more and more financial services executives are exploring the benefits of a SaaS cloud payments platform, in the form of Payments-Platform-as-a-Service (PPaaS).

Payments-Platform-as-a-Service allows banks to easily migrate from in-house processes and technologies to an outsourced pay-per-use cloud environment managed by an external provider, bringing all the benefits of scalability, faster time to compliance, and flexibility that come with cloud provisioning. By eliminating the need for hardware, software or specialist payments technical teams, it can generate savings in processing costs of up to 60% allowing banks to invest even more in their primary competitive differentiator, the payments customer experience.

All of D+H’s payments solutions, from domestic payment execution systems to our global payment hub, are natively deployable in a Payments-Platform-as-a-Service environment. With D+H, financial institutions can be confident that their investments will be future-proofed, keeping pace with the latest developments in payments, from immediate payments to blockchain to open APIs, and the new technologies of the future.

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