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For corporate treasurers, the processing of receivables is a challenging task. As the pace of technological change continues to accelerate, these challenges will only continue to increase. In order to improve processing speeds, to increase operational efficiency, and to reduce processing errors and costs, today’s treasurers must automate receivables processing. This will ultimately not only save time, money, and reduce costs, but it will also help improve cash flow and working capital management, resulting in a stronger bottom line.

D+H’s Total Treasury includes a receivables module which provides a comprehensive range of features for managing collections. Through direct debits, a corporate treasurer can reduce transaction costs by automating collections. Electronic accounts increase the visibility of transactions and provide easy reconciliation. With these features, the solution helps companies manage and control their cash flow and reduce costs by leveraging streamlined collections with comprehensive receivables capabilities.

D+H’s Total Treasury provides access to the most up-to-date account information through a host of channels including web, file upload, host-to-host, tablet and mobile.

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