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Banks and corporations hold their assets with numerous third parties making reconciliation a complex and labor intensive process. If reconciliation is done poorly, banks and corporations will have little insight into their transaction management and risk, with the possibility of catastrophic results; done well, firms can gain immediate competitive advantage, managing cash effectively, and maximizing capital.

A variety of factors are forcing financial institutions to re-examine their transaction management processes in order to reduce operational risk and cost. In order to realize cost and efficiency gains, financial institutions are replacing manually-intensive, paper-based processes with automated solutions that can increase straight-through-processing (STP) rates.

D+H, in partnership with SmartStream, provides automated reconciliation services through its global service bureaus (SaaS). D+H provides a range of advanced functionality for the intra-day reconciliation of cash transactions, securities messages and real-time reconciliation for confirmations, providing banks and corporate treasurers with a consolidated view of their assets. This can drive down the cost of transactions, minimize operational risk, introduce greater transaction management control, and ultimately increase profit through better view of positions and transaction management.

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