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The aim of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is to achieve payment integration across the EU, and to ensure that euro payments, whether domestic or cross border, are handled with the same level of service and at the same price. In fact, SEPA phase II is a continuation of the progress already made to help realize the goal of payment integration in the EU.

The initiative has made great strides to improve the efficiency of cross-border payments, reduce complexity and costs, and turned fragmented national markets for euro payments into a single ‘domestic’ market. This enables customers to make cashless euro payments to anyone, anywhere in the region, using a single bank account and a single set of payment instruments. It also enables the centralization of treasury, payment/collection factories and international billing centers, improving operational efficiency and reducing risk, as well as providing greater efficiency in working capital management. SEPA has increased competition among banks for customers across national borders within Europe and has led to less expensive, more efficient and faster payment transfers between countries.

To help banks keep pace with these changes, D+H offers two SEPA transaction banking payments solutions. Both solutions are fully compliant with the most current rule books and offer complete support for SEPA Credit Transfer and SEPA Direct Debit processing on a single platform. They are both designed to improve banks’ payment processing efficiencies without the need to replace existing infrastructure, and both are proven solutions, in operation with leading European banks. The flexibility and robust architecture of the solutions allows banks to manage the full volume of domestic and cross-border payments expected under the new model.

SEPA Products