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SWIFT Connectivity

Financial institutions and corporates require the ability to exchange sensitive information through a reliable and secure global network. While the SWIFT messaging standard has increased reliability and security, it needs dedicated experts to keep up with complex and constant technology updates. Institutions and corporations are increasingly realizing the value of service bureaus to manage the technology and processes involved in sending financial messages in a secure and resilient manner.

D+H is one of the world's largest SWIFT connectivity service bureau operators and the only company with two Premier Operational Practice certifications – the highest SWIFT rating available. We serve more than 700 SWIFT clients in 70+ countries across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific, with data centers in the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and in Singapore.

D+H's SWIFT connectivity solutions provide financial institutions and corporations around the world with multi-bank connectivity and SWIFT messaging services designed to automate financial message exchange via the SWIFT network, including SWIFT for Corporates, SWIFTNet FIN, SWIFT FileAct or SWIFT InterAct. By supplying all of the connectors, integrations and plug-ins required for message conversion, bank connectivity, compliance and reconciliation, D+H helps firms increase operational efficiency, save cost and reduce risk.

D+H offers two integration options for SWIFT connectivity:

  • As a hosted solution, in which D+H service bureaus manage all the processes and risks involved in SWIFT messaging.
  • As a customizable on-premise model for institutions that prefer to own their SWIFT management infrastructure.

Learn how D+H can support all your financial messaging needs with our bank connectivitypayment order management, and sanctions screening solutions.

SWIFT Connectivity Products