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SWIFT Corporate Connectivity

Corporations today face many challenges in coordinating multiple bank accounts with numerous bank communication channels which are required for effective treasury and cash management. The high expense of multiple bank interfaces and formats, complex security arrangements, and growing message volumes all compound the challenges of running an effective treasury operation.

D+H’s Total Messaging for Corporates is a secure and comprehensive financial messaging platform, providing a single connection across global and domestic networks for corporate to bank connectivity. The solution includes all connectors, integration and plugins required for conversion, compliance and reconciliation.

Total Messaging for Corporates is channel agnostic, meaning all features and functions are independent of the transport used for transmission to the correspondent bank - such as SWIFT FIN, SWIFT FileAct, EBICS and BACS - to allow for standardized and integrated treasury and payments processes across multiple channels. The solution also provides corporate-specific functionalities such as payment validation, account statement view and format transformation, which are in addition to the core capabilities of the Total Messaging platform.

D+H offers two deployment options for Total Messaging for Corporates:

  • A hosted solution, in which D+H service bureaus manage all the processes and risks involved in managing SWIFT messaging and interbank connectivity
  • A customizable on-premise model for institutions that prefer to own their SWIFT management and bank connectivity infrastructure

SWIFT Corporate Connectivity Products