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New Offering to Provide Unprecedented Integration with Cavion Internet Banking

Lake Mary, Florida (July 29, 2009) – Expanding upon its current electronic banking offering, which consists of internet, mobile and business banking solutions, Harland Financial Solutions today announced the release of Cavion® Bill Pay, the company’s new fully integrated internet bill pay solution.

Cavion Bill Pay integrates with Cavion Internet Banking, providing the most effective end-user experience for managing and tracking payments. Non-integrated solutions require a secure login which passes the user’s credentials on to a separate hosted bill payment site. With Cavion Bill Pay, end-users will never leave the Cavion Internet Banking site, benefiting from a consistent look and feel across the entire internet banking and bill-pay experience, and the added convenience of working within one window. The need to work separately with third-party bill pay providers has been eliminated.

Cavion Bill Pay users will also benefit from the value-added features of Cavion Internet Banking, such as managing and receiving account alerts related to billing and payment activity, as well as Personal Financial Management (PFM) for budget forecasting. Additionally, end-users will be able to access Cavion Bill Pay through all channels supported by Cavion Internet Banking, including internet, mobile and in the future, voice banking.

Financial institutions implementing Cavion Bill Pay will have the option of providing first-tier support themselves, or through Harland Financial Solutions. With all data and administrative functions housed in one system, end-user support is more efficient. The improved online experience delivered through Cavion Bill Pay will help financial institutions strengthen their relationships with consumers. Clients will also benefit from leveraging new fee income opportunities that result from added payment options, such as expedited payments, with Cavion Bill Pay.

“We are proud to be on the forefront of electronic banking technology and deliver to the industry such a comprehensive and seamless solution as Cavion Bill Pay,” said John Meyer, vice president, Electronic Banking Business, Harland Financial Solutions. “We are confident Cavion Bill Pay will have a tangible, positive impact on the consumer experience and the success of our financial institution partners.”

Aside from Cavion Internet Banking, Cavion Bill Pay is compatible with all Internet Banking systems through single sign-on connectivity.


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