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Global Corporation

Operating in today’s turbulent business environment, global corporations face challenges on all fronts. They have to strike a delicate balance between managing cash, liquidity, and counterparty risk, while maintaining solid banking relationships and credit ratings. All of this in the face of fierce competition, increasing demands from customers and pressure to grow the bottom line. Further, as corporations expand their operations geographically they are also exposed to foreign exchange.

Financial officers of global corporations must employ new technologies that enable them to simplify and automate payables and receivables, increase straight-through-processing (STP), provide interbank connectivity, combat fraud, meet regulatory and security requirements, and optimize working capital.

Using D+H’s solutions, global corporations are able to manage and process payments, transfer funds, connect to interbank clearing facilities, reconcile payments, comply with regulations, and manage liquidity in a cost-effective, secure, efficient and reliable way. D+H has also helped more than a thousand corporations to automate payables and receivables through electronic invoicing, remote deposit capture and mobile payment solutions.

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