AppsLink for PhoenixEFE® Core

Archived Webinar

AppsLink for PhoenixEFE® Core

July 30, 2014

AppsLink allows a financial institution to open a third-party application from a link within PhoenixEFE® Core and launch the application in the context of the selected customer, account or transaction. Specific parameter information can be passed from PhoenixEFE Core to the third-party application, improving efficiency and minimizing data entry for your staff and improving customer service. Easy access to data also helps your staff make better decisions.

AppsLink App examples include:

  • Link to website

  • Link to reports

  • Link to Apps available from D+H

View this webinar to learn more about the benefits of using AppsLink and to see examples of how AppsLink can be used to save you money and improve efficiency. A brief demo will also be provided.


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