Banking on the Cloud

Archived Webinar

Banking on the Cloud

August 25, 2016

As banks experiment with cloud-based services, data security and fear of regulatory scrutiny are often cited for slow adoption. But are these real impediments to the adoption of cloud-based banking services, or are there other factors at play?

Watch James O’Neill, Senior Analyst at Celent, as he discusses:

  • The basics of cloud computing and different ways financial institutions can implement cloud services
  • Outcomes at financial institutions that have already implemented a cloud strategy
  • How cloud services will impact core banking systems in the long-term
  • The current regulatory environment for cloud services
  • What the cloud means for security

James Ewing, Senior Cloud Architect for D+H, also answers questions and covers:

  • How financial institutions are using the cloud to change the way they do business with their clients
  • Cloud impact on branch performance and productivity
  • How to determine if the cloud is a good fit for your institution
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