Commercial Lending: A Case Study in Achieving High Growth

Archived Webinar

Commercial Lending: A Case Study in Achieving High Growth

September 27, 2016

CEB Webinar Sponsored by D+H

57% of lending executives are planning an investment in lending technology to increase both revenue and efficiency. It's no surprise that commercial lenders must comply with a barrage of regulatory requirements while maintaining a competitive position in the marketplace. These pressures are driving the need for a more efficient customer response, more creative product offerings, and at the same time, consistent and sound underwriting methodologies.

So, what separates the financial institutions that benefit from technology from the ones that don’t? The key to successful implementation of automated solutions and streamlined workflow processes is the planning that takes place prior to the implementation itself. Financial institutions must account for the risks associated with workflow optimization, and need to consider all the stakeholders affected by the change. The key to success lies in deciding on the right strategy and planning for a successful implementation.

Through this case study you’ll learn:

  • The Importance of Planning for Solution Implementation
  • Gaining Strategic Clarity
  • Understanding Barriers to Success
  • Considering Key Factors Throughout the Lifecycle of Implementation

This webinar, sponsored by D+H, features CenterState Bank Chief Strategy Officer Chris Nichols, who shares his firm’s experience highlighting the importance of finding the right partner and key factors to consider while planning a business project implementation.


Chris Nichols, Chief Strategy Officer, CenterState Bank

Joanne Pollitt, Executive Advisor, CEB Tower Group

Barry Hall, Group Leader, Client Services, D+H

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