Consumerbot™ / LaserPro® Integration Overview

Archived Webinar

Consumerbot™ / LaserPro® Integration Overview

April 11, 2016

Consumers have overwhelmingly turned to online channels for shopping and nearly every kind of service – including financial services.

Consumerbot™, the consumer loan solution based on the well-known Mortgagebot® platform, gives lenders a browser-based platform to offer borrowers an intuitive, easy-to-follow path to apply for non-real estate secured loans for autos, boats, recreational vehicles, personal loans and more.

Seamlessly accessible from your financial institution’s website, the Consumerbot solution lets borrowers fill in their information and apply for loans at a time and place that’s convenient for them, and quickly receive an approval. They can also apply at a branch with the help of your front-line staff.

The integration with LaserPro® allows the application information to go directly into LaserPro for processing and document preparation. This video shows the Consumberbot application process and the seamless integration with LaserPro for final loan processing.

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